Nina Ansaroff Loved Amanda Nunes Far Before Her UFC Success

Amanda Nunes has won titles in two weight classes in the UFC. Soon, she’ll get another one. Nunes is engaged to fellow UFC fighter Nina Ansaroff, who will deliver their first child soon. With this baby, Nunes will become the UFC’s first mom champ, but the story of their love started long before their climb to the top of the UFC.

A look at their MMA careers 

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As Bleacher Report details, they first met in 2012 while training at an MMA gym in Florida. At that time, the UFC didn’t allow women to fight, but it changed its mind about that not long after. In any case, at this point in time, Ansaroff’s career wasn’t very remarkable, since she had a record of 3-3. Nunes on the other hand was more remarkable as she had a record of 7-2. 

As a result, Nunes joined the UFC in 2013, and Ansaroff, after racking up a few more wins, joined her partner a year later. That said, while they both had some early losses in their careers, Nunes found her footing earlier on. With a 5-1 record in the UFC, she fought and won the bantamweight title in 2016.

Fortunately for Ansaroff, at the same time, she also started finding her footing. From 2017 to 2018, she won four fights in a row. However, after suffering a defeat against Tatiana Suarez in 2019, she decided to put her career on hold so that she could start her family. Meanwhile, Nunes continued dominating her competition, and she’s been undefeated since. 

Nina Ansaroff keeps supporting Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes hugs Nina Ansaroff
Nina Ansaroff hugs Amanda Nunes after her women’s strawweight bout | Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

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As the UFC reports, the two women were always confident that, one day, one of them would become champ. As a result, Ansaroff never had the mentality that she was the champ’s girlfriend. Instead, she had plenty of time to adapt to the role, and this allowed her and Nunes to easily grow into things. She simply told the UFC that, “It’s something that we came into together.” 

Since both women are fighters, they’ve been able to support each other. On top of that, fighters have unusual schedules, since training camps can often happen around the holidays. For example, the UFC talked to Ansaroff while Nunes was preparing to defend her belt against Ronda Rousey, a fight that happened on December 30, 2016. 

Furthermore, Ansaroff was also scheduled to fight about two weeks after Nunes was supposed to fight. Due to that, both women supported each other while they were training for their respective fights, and both of them only celebrated Christmas after both of their fights were finished. 

The future of their relationship

The couple expects that she’ll deliver their first child, Raegan, in mid-September 2020. That said, Ansaroff isn’t retired from fighting, and she’s actually been training while pregnant. She plans to return in the future, though the future can get a bit weird for the two. 

Bleacher Report said that the couple has already talked about fighting each other in the ring. Their plan is that when Ansaroff wins the strawweight belt, she’ll meet Nunes in the middle and fight at 125 pounds. She said, “We really would try to kill each other.” Nunes agreed and even said her last fight would be against Ansaroff. After fighting her, Nunes said that she’s planning to retire. 

They both already train with each other, so this hypothetical fight wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. That said, Ansaroff will take time off to deliver their baby. It’s not clear if and when this fight will happen.