Odds Shark Predicts the First Coach to Be Fired in SEC

When college football season starts, no one can stop talking about the strengths and weaknesses of their favorite teams. Often, coaches are considered a team weakness. Many fans want to replace a coach with someone they think is better. The one thing everyone agrees on is that at least a handful of the coaches will be fired by playoff time. Odds Shark recently predicted which SEC coach will be fired first.

Odds Shark is an online sports betting organization that gives fans a place to bet on all sorts of games and sports. Predicting the odds of which SEC coach will be fired first is just the kind of thing Odds Shark does. At the moment, two coaches have caught their eye.

Odds Sharks predicts the end of Gus Malzahn’s time at Auburn

Coach Gus Malzahn is Odds Shark’s top prediction for the SEC coach who will be fired before the season’s end. Considering the rumors surrounding Auburn’s program, it’s hardly surprising that he’s the top pick for getting the pink slip. Each year, Malzahn’s recruits get fans excited about Auburn’s chances, but the team consistently fails to deliver. While Auburn’s team always has talent, the coaching staff has failed to develop it.

No one can say Auburn hasn’t given Malzahn time to develop a winning football program. He’s been with the school for many lackluster years. What’s disappointing is the amount of money Auburn pays Malzahn. He has the fifth-highest salary among SEC coaches. Fortunately for Malzahn, Auburn’s recent win over Tulane should help him hang onto his job — for now.

Will Ed Orgeron keep his job at LSU?

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One of the most interesting things about the Odds Shark’s predictions is that LSU’s Ed Orgeron is the second most likely to get fired. While there’s no denying that he’s failed to live up to expectations, the school doesn’t seem in a rush to replace him.

LSU recently hired a new athletic director, Scott Woodward. The big issue is that Orgeron is not one of the people Woodward favors, which means that having an outstanding season may be the only way Orgeron will be able to stay. The one thing Orgeron has going for him is that he’s managed to garner a surprising number of wins, despite the fact that most felt his team lacked talent.

Entering last year’s season, many didn’t expect LSU to win more than a handful of games, but the team earned 10. Based on LSU’s recent win over Alabama, it’s possible that Orgeron could pull off another surprisingly victorious season and hold on to his position as head coach. It will be interesting to see if these troubled coaches can put together a good first half of the season and therefore save their jobs.