Odell Beckham Jr. Is a Man of Many Talents

Odell Beckham Jr. may be one of the most entertaining pro football players to watch, and this does not stop when the game is over. Throughout his career, the wide receiver’s interests have transcended football. During a recent preseason game against the Colts, fans saw Beckham’s talents on full display.


While heading out of the visitors’ locker room in a game he missed due to a hip injury, Beckham passed a drummer with the Indianapolis Colts’ drumline. Not one to pass up a good time, he took a few seconds to tap out a beat on the instrument to the delight of the drummer. Those who pay attention to Beckham off the field, however, were not surprised by this.

Bounce it like Beckham

In an interview with GQ, Beckham described his passion for bounce music. The Louisiana native described this music style as an uptempo beat that girls can twerk to. To Beckham, this reminds him of going to a skating center and Mardi Gras. The dance is part of his culture, and he speaks fondly of it. 

Beckham discussed music’s importance to him. It was his love as a young child, and his mom would ground him by not allowing him to go to musical events. Beckham said this was the worst punishment she could give him. 

“Music has always been a huge part of me.” Beckham told GQ. “… There’s times when I dance to a song and I hear it again another time and the move is way different than it was the first time. That’s just me. I don’t even know there are other people around when I’m in such a place.” This love of music and dancing explains his flashy style on the field.

Beckham on the Browns

In Cleveland, Beckham looks rejuvenated. His last two years with the New York Giants did not go smoothly thanks to injuries and a reduced role in the offense. The divorce between the wide receiver and the Giants was not exactly amicable. The Browns, however, offer a young team that can help return Beckham to the spotlight.

Beckham’s knack for highlight catches helps Baker Mayfield stretch out the field. Although he’s known for his hail Mary catches, Beckham is not a one-trick pony. He can also help the Browns’ close game; defenses will have to stay on their toes to keep up with him. His pairing with Landry, while curious, could open up the field for both options, as defenses will not be able to focus on one or the other. 

All in all, Beckham seems happy in Cleveland. Whether he is playing the drums before the game or catching a pass from Mayfield, he’s ready to tell the next chapter of his career in the flashy style he’s known for.