Odell Beckham Jr. Once Spent $2 Million on a Watch and Then Wore It on the Football Field

Whether it’s his incredible one-handed grabs or outbursts on the sidelines, Odell Beckham Jr. is no stranger to making headlines. While his on-field production when healthy is undeniable, he’s not one to shy away from making a spectacle. One way Beckham drew attention was by wearing a $2 million watch during pre-game warmups. Let’s look at Beckham’s watch and other athletes who love expensive accessories. 

The wide receiver’s net worth and endorsements

CelebrityNetWorth.com estimates Beckham’s net worth at about $25 million. His 2018 contract with the New York Giants made him the highest-paid wide receiver in NLF history at the time. He’s been traded to Cleveland since, but he’s still on the same deal.

Beckham has endorsements with numerous high-profile brands including Head & Shoulders, Steiner Sports, EA Sports, Dunkin’ Donuts, Foot Locker, Nike, and Lenovo. In 2017, Nike awarded him the biggest shoe contract in NFL history. Beckham is more than just a talented athlete, however. He’s also a savvy investor. Beckham is one of many athletes, along with NBA superstar Kevin Durant, who’s invested serious money into esports

Odell Beckham Jr.’s $2 million watch


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Beckham’s talent and outspokenness can sometimes lead to him getting plenty of eyeballs on him before, during, and after his games. One wouldn’t think that something as innocuous as wearing a watch could add to that attention, but Beckham found a way to do just that. 

It was an early-season, September 2019 matchup in a season where the Browns were expected to be contenders in the AFC. They were facing off against the New York Jets in one of the Browns’ first nationally televised games in quite some time. According to ProfessionalWatches.com, Beckham took to the field wearing a watch worth $1.95 million. The watch was a Richard Mille RM 56-01 Tourbillon Sapphire watch from 2013. 

The Washington Post reported that wearing any type of hard object on your wrist — watch, fitness, tracker, etc. — during gameplay is prohibited. That’s why Beckham only wore it during warmups for the Monday Night game after he’d previously worn a watch during an actual game. 

NFL rules aside, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would have an issue with Beckham wearing such a pricey watch. He’s worked hard to earn a comfortable living through football and other means. But Beckham isn’t the only athlete to sport a stylish, expensive watch, however.

Other athletes who’ve worn expensive watches

Business Insider compiled a list of the most expensive watches worn by athletes. Here are some notable athletes that also sport some high-priced wrist wear:  

  • Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes wore a $47,000 Rolex to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade. 
  • At the 2013 Wimbledon men’s singles trophy presentation, British tennis star Andy Murray wore a Rado Hyperchrome XXL worth $3,475. 
  • David Beckham’s Tudor Black Bay Chrono ran him a pretty penny to the tune of $5,100. 
  • LeBron James sported an Audemars Royal Oak Offshare luxury watch that cost $49,500. 
  • Usain Bolt is more than just the fastest man alive — he also has tremendous taste in timepieces. His Hublot Big Bang UNICO cost him $39,900. 
  • Connor McGregor may be newly retired from MMA, but he still knows how to pick out a watch. His Rolex cost him just a shade under $40K at $39,550. 

What’s even more amazing about Beckham’s watch? Compared to that impressive list, the cost of his watch still dwarves them all.