Of Course, Russell Wilson Would Name His 3rd Child After What He Does Best

As a Super Bowl-winning quarterback still in his prime, Russell Wilson’s life on and off the field gets scrutinized. His relationship with his wife, Ciara is an especially popular aspect of his tabloid headlines. The pair recently welcomed his third child into the world. When it came down to naming the baby, Wilson drew from what he knows best. 

Russell Wilson’s NFL career

Not since Tom Brady rose through the ranks of the Patriots to become a superstar has a player climbed the ladder from bench quarterback to Super Bowl-winner as quickly as Wilson did. Coming out of college, which he spent at both Wisconsin and North Carolina State, Wilson was a promising young general for NFL scouts, but far from a surefire star. 

With the 75th pick overall, however, the Seahawks took a chance on the quarterback, and by the start of the season, he was the full-time starter for the team. Wilson, along with Marshawn Lynch and several other offensive weapons, served as a perfect offensive answer to the team’s legendary Legion of Boom on defense. 

By 2014, Wilson was a Super Bowl champion. While he hasn’t repeated that success in the years since, Wilson’s Seahawks have never won less than nine games and rarely dip below 10 in a given season. He’s the proper balance between a gun for an arm and a speedy quarterback.

To date, Wilson is a six-time Pro Bowler with nearly 30,000 passing yards and 227 touchdowns to his name. Even more impressively, he does all this while still being there for his family at home. 

Wilson’s commitment to family 

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Wilson and Ciara were both coming off of failed relationships when they met each other. According to his wife, a successful pop artist, the connection was swift upon their introduction. 

“It was different. I had never had that feeling in my life. It was just, like, calm. We were connecting in every way,” she told Jada Pinkett Smith per ET Online. “His conversation, it was just different. The way that he looked at life was different. Also, the energy with my son, it just felt right. And of course, the consistency. He’s consistent. That consistency is so crucial.”

Ciara had a newborn son, Future Zahir, with rapper Future at the time that she and Wilson met, and Wilson immediately became a father figure. The pair married in 2016, and their first child, Sienna Princess, was born in April of 2017. Fans who follow either on social media or through their careers know how close the family is, always making time to be there for one another. 

In 2020, their family got even bigger when Ciara gave birth to a son named after one of Wilson’s favorite things to do

All Russell Wilson and Ciara do is ‘Win’


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Russell Wilson has such a devotion to winning that he named his youngest son after the pastime, according to Yahoo. Win Harrison Wilson was born on July 23, and Ciara recently opened up about how they arrived on such an on-the-nose name given Wilson’s history. 

“That is Daddy. I give credit to Dad. Oh my gosh, I’m gonna get emotional,” Ciara told Entertainment Tonight. “The hormones, I will tell every pregnant mom, they’re real, OK? They don’t stop. Even when you have the baby, and you’re just fresh out, it happens. But they’re good tears, praise the Lord. He had all the good names, and Win won. So Win is the name, and he’s so cute, he’s so precious.”

The baby will have a lot to live up to with parents like Wilson and Ciara and a name like that. However, he is lucky enough to have a loving family who will be there for him wherever life takes him from here. Wilson got a Win in the offseason; now he will have to try to do so on the field again, too.