OJ Simpson’s Christmas Tree Photo Created Another Reason For People to Hate Him

OJ Simpson has remained a polarizing public figure over the years. The former Buffalo Bills running back’s dark past has followed him over the last few decades that has smeared his reputation. Simpson has caught ire yet again after taking to social media to post a photo in front of a Christmas Tree.

OJ Simpson’s rough reputation

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Over the last few decades, OJ Simpson has tarnished his public reputation since his infamous murder trial.

There are still plenty of strong feelings tied to that court case that many are still baffled by the not guilty jury verdict. Simpson remains a polarizing figure in the years that have followed due to his repeated denial of the murders and other actions.

The 73-year-old didn’t escape trouble with the law in 2007 and received parole a decade later for his armed robbery and kidnapping felonies. Simpson has remained in the limelight to a degree through social media, which he has created some additional backlash toward himself.

OJ Simpson’s Christmas photo drawing much hatred toward him

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OJ Simpson’s already has a scarred reputation over the last couple of decades since his infamous trial.

Simpson’s image may have taken another hit after what he posted on social media on Christmas Day last week. The former Bills running back elected to post a photo of himself with his dog in front of a Christmas tree at his home.

However, what caught the most attention was a Make America Great Again Hat from Donald Trump’s campaign located on a shelf. Simpson’s connection to Trump dates back to the 1990s as he was a guest at his second wedding in 1993, a mere months before the murders.

Years later, Trump voiced to Howard Stern that he tried to get Simpson to appear on the “Celebrity Apprentice” before NBC quickly shut that down scenario.

“I do have to tell you about O.J. and ‘The Apprentice,'” Trump said in July 2008 on the Howard Stern Show. “NBC went totally crazy when I wanted to put O.J. on The Apprentice.”

Simpson did state in February 2019 to TMZ that he was friendly with Trump, but stays out of politics. Although it may only be a hat, it’s the connection to what it represents for the many opposed to Trump.

The disdain toward Simpson isn’t a new feeling by any stretch of the measure, but the association with Trump recently caused backlash for other notable NFL figures.

Other notable NFL figures with ties to Donald Trump

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Donald Trump may be a polarizing public figure, but he has garnered much support over the years.

The list includes many notable sports figures that have publicly aired their backing for him. Earlier this year, Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre caught much backlash for golfing with Trump. Favre has since voiced his support for the 45th president, including tweeting that he was voting for him in the 2020 election.

Hall of Famer and former Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka has also publicly supported Trump. He has held that point of view before the 2016 election. Ditka’s rant earlier this year concerning kneeling during the national anthem aligned almost directly with Trump’s stance. The 81-year-old caught much public ire for his comments that he has since doubled down in additional interviews.

The association with the current president has drawn the most disdain toward these prominent NFL figures. The strong sentiment is fueled by what Trump has represented over the years, and that dialogue likely will remain.