Only 4 Points Separate the Bengals and Rams in Their All-Time Series Ahead of Super Bowl 56…Yes, Really

The Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams will be the matchup for Super Bowl 56 on Sunday, February 13. The Rams get the luxury of playing in their stadium after going all-in to acquire a multitude of stars — including Matthew Stafford, Von Miller, and Odell Beckham Jr.

The Bengals rode the red-hot arm of Joe Burrow and first-round pick Ja’Marr Chase, as well as a talented defense, to upset the Kansas City Chiefs and win the AFC.

Surprisingly enough, the Rams and Bengals don’t have much history with one another. Even more impressive is that just four points separate the all-time series between these two teams. Yes, really.

The Rams and Bengals all-time record is eerily close, especially on the points side

Super Bowl 56 has a few interesting tidbits. First of all, this will be the lowest-seeded Super Bowl of all time, with both teams entering the NFL Playoffs as the four-seed in their respective conferences.

But, the Bengals lead the series with an 8-6 record. However, the overall points belong to the Rams with a total of 259-255. That is almost unbelievable, yet here we are.

As if this matchup wasn’t intriguing enough already with Zac Taylor and Sean McVay going up against each other. Taylor was an assistant with the Rams before heading to Cincinnati. Then, there’s Andrew Whitworth, who spent a lot of time with the Bengals but is now protecting Stafford in LA for the Super Bowl.

Who comes out on top? The red-hot, youthful Bengals? Or the Rams, who went all-in and jeopardized their future by dealing a ton of draft picks to land some key guys.

The last time the Bengals and Rams faced off was back in 2019 — in London

The last time the Rams and Bengals faced off was in 2019 in London at Wembley Stadium. Of course, these two teams looked much different back then.

The Bengals had Andy Dalton throwing passes while the Rams had Jared Goff at quarterback and Todd Gurley running the football.

However, there are a few familiar faces — including Cooper Kupp, who had a massive performance against Cincinnati.

Kupp exploded in London with seven catches for 220 yards and a score as the Rams cruised to 24-10 and the Bengals moved to 0-8 on the season.

Later that season, the Bengals would lose to the Miami Dolphins in the “Tank Bowl” and increase their chances at the top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, which eventually led to Joe Burrow being the selection.

These two teams have only met five times since 2003, and they have alternated victories since then. So, if history repeats itself, that means the Bengals will come out on top at Super Bowl 56 since they lost to the Rams in London back in 2019.

Who has the upper hand when Super Bowl 56 kicks off?

The all-time record between the Rams and Bengals is close ahead of the Super Bowl.
Joe Burrow, Lombardi Trophy, and Matthew Stafford | FREDERIC J. BROWN/ Rob Carr/ Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

None of Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Josh Allen are playing in this year’s Super Bowl. Instead, it’s Burrow against Stafford, Joe Mixon against Cam Akers, and Cooper Kupp against Ja’Marr Chase on the offense.

Jalen Ramsey, Von Miller, and Aaron Donald lead the Rams defense, and Trey Hendrickson has burst onto the scene as the most critical Cincinnati defensive player.

Who has the upper hand when Super Bowl 56 kicks off?

The Bengals story is incredible, mainly because they weren’t even chosen when the season began.

However, as of Friday, the Rams are four-point favorites. It helps that they benefit from playing the game in LA at SoFi Stadium, and it also helps that they are loaded with veterans on both sides of the ball.

But one thing is certain: Don’t count out the Bengals. Not again. Burrow has exceeded expectations in his second season in the NFL and just won the Comeback Player of the Year award. The Bengals defeated the top two seeds in the AFC and ruined Mahomes’ bid at a third straight Super Bowl.

They are dangerous, and so are the Rams. Regardless, Super Bowl 56 should live up to the hype, and it will be interesting to see how close the all-time points are between these two teams when the game concludes.

Stats Courtesy of Pro Football Reference

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