The Packers May Hold a Blatantly Obvious Reason Why Aaron Rodgers Isn’t Gone Yet

The Green Bay Packers continue to avoid reading the tea leaves that star quarterback Aaron Rodgers wants out. The front office remains pat with their commitment to Rodgers through the next couple of years. However, their reasoning behind that stance may lie in a glaringly obvious rationale.

Aaron Rodgers’s future with the Packers remains uncertain

The waters have become increasingly rocky around Aaron Rodgers’ standing with the Packers.

The three-time league MVP has moved toward a firm desire to leave the franchise. Green Bay counteracted that by publicly backing Rodgers as their future under center.

The front office went as far as to state the relationship is amendable. The tone hasn’t shifted around the star quarterback, but rather questions arose concerning whether the team will trade him.

The Packers may have a much deeper but apparent reason why they don’t want to move off the future Hall of Famer just yet.

The Packers may hold a blatantly obvious reason why Aaron Rodgers isn’t gone yet

The Packers continue to navigate through the drama surrounding their star quarterback.

The front office remains firm in standing pat, with Rodgers leading the charge for the foreseeable future. Although the 37-year-old has vehemently expressed his desire to leave, Green Bay hasn’t shifted one iota.

The reasoning for that may go well beyond retaining Rodgers on their terms. It could lie with the assessment concerning second-year quarterback Jordan Love’s development.

General manager Brian Gutekunst voiced some revealing comments about Love’s progression.

“He’s got a long way to go,” Gutekunst said via The Athletic. “Obviously we think the world of Jordan and where he’s going to grow and develop. I think it’s pretty early to be able to tell you that because obviously with no preseason games last year and just kind of the no-spring, but we have a lot of confidence in his talents, in his work ethic, and where he’s going to go. But it’s a little early for that.”

Head coach Matt LaFleur recently echoed a similar sentiment regarding the Utah State product. The Packers hold high aspirations for the 22-year-old as potentially their next franchise cornerstone.

However, it’s blatantly obvious that the team has no plans to elevate him into the starter role anytime soon. The lack of playing certainly doesn’t help, but Green Bay may be using Rodgers to extend that window a bit longer.

Green Bay wants to maintain full control


NFL Teams May Know the Price Tag to Acquire Aaron Rodgers From the Packers

Since last offseason, the Packers have shifted the dynamic with Rodgers.

The franchise remains committed to him, but purely on their terms that don’t extend past his current deal. The front office has stated that they have offered an extension, but that conversation is one that Rodgers wanted months ago.

The 37-year-old is past that point and likely believes a fresh start elsewhere will give him the command he desires over the next chapter of his career. It’s something that he saw Tom Brady receive after leaving the New England Patriots.

Brady now holds complete control over how much longer he wants to play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Like the Patriots, the Packers don’t appear willing to allow Rodgers to have that command.

The relationship will reach an inevitable end; it’s just a matter of when now.