The Packers Finally Admit How Much Longer They Want Aaron Rodgers

The one constant around the Green Bay Packers this offseason has been chatter concerning Aaron Rodgers’ future. The front office hasn’t provided a clear picture of what lies ahead for the star quarterback. However, it may finally have indicated how much longer Rodgers can expect to play in Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers’ future remains uncertain with the Packers

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Throughout the 2020 season, Aaron Rodgers dealt with a cloud of uncertainty concerning his future in Green Bay.

The conversation sprouted after the Packers elected to move up into the first round of last year’s draft to take Jordan Love. Since then, questions have lingered regarding the veteran’s tenure with the franchise.

Rodgers is currently in the second season of his four-year, $134 million deal, which features a progressive decrease in the dead-cap hit over the final two years. He holds a $17.2 million hit in 2022 and only $2.8 million in 2023.

The Packers have had opportunities to provide greater financial security for Rodgers. Last month, the front office elected not to turn his $6.8 million roster bonus this year into a signing bonus that would have created more salary-cap space.

The belief is that the hesitance to pull the trigger lies with the team not wanting to increase the dead-cap hit in the final two years of his deal. And with Rodgers’ contract situation unresolved, the Packers just made some telling comments about their star quarterback.

The Packers finally admit how much longer they want Aaron Rodgers

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Since the Packers fell short in the NFC Championship Game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they have vocally backed Aaron Rodgers.

Head coach Matt LaFleur has repeatedly vouched for the three-time league MVP as the franchise’s future under center. During a press conference on Monday, general manager Brian Gutekunst stayed the course but provided an interesting caveat.

“Aaron’s our guy,” Gutekunst said, per ESPN. “He’s going to be our quarterback for the foreseeable future [and] excited for the next couple of years.”

It’s the first time anybody within the organization has put a time frame on Rodgers’ future. The phrasing of “the next couple of years” naturally alludes to the remaining duration of his current deal. 

Yes, Gutekunst also stated that the two sides were “working through” things about the contract situation. But that could simply refer to the Packers providing Rodgers security by reworking the remaining years of his deal to increase the team’s financial commitment. 

Those discussions could also concern a possible extension. The dialogue can unfold in many ways, but Gutekunst’s comments finally clarify how the Packers view the situation.

Green Bay can silence the doubt

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The latest comments from the Packers spell out that much lies ahead concerning Rodgers’ contract situation.

There is a strong mutual interest to get the matter sorted out this offseason and avoid lingering chatter heading into the 2021 campaign. Beyond that, whatever unfolds will clarify how Green Bay views Rodgers at this juncture of his career.

The 37-year-old remains firmly committed to the franchise, which is a strong starting point for any contract talks. It also indicates that the Packers hold the cards to resolve the matter swiftly.

The question becomes whether the Packers will back their words with action to show Rodgers that he is still their long-term future. However, the longer this matter stays without a resolution, the greater the doubt will become about him spending his entire NFL career in Green Bay.

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