Packers Legend Believes Aaron Rodgers Faces Inevitable and ‘Nasty’ Divorce in Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers‘ time ahead with the Green Bay Packers continues to be a constant discussion with the franchise. Rodgers holds a strong desire to play the rest of his NFL career in Green Bay, but that doesn’t appear to be a mutual aspiration. With all that in mind, a former franchise great sees nothing but a messy breakup ahead between both sides.

Aaron Rodgers floating around with uncertainty in Green Bay

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Following the Packers’ decision to take Jordan Love in the first round of last year’s draft, Aaron Rodgers’ future has remained on shaky ground.

The organization’s decision-making since the move hasn’t exactly suggested Rodgers’ long-term future is secured. The Packers have yet to restructure his contract to push away dialogue from the increasingly diminishing dead cap hit in each of the final three years of his deal.

Green Bay had the opportunity to convert his $6.8 million roster bonus to a signing bonus this offseason but passed on that. The move alone would have created bigger dead cap hits for each of the final years of his contract.

The front office has also elected to remain hush on the situation aside from voicing that they remain fully committed to Rodgers. All of these factors have led one former Packers great toward a definitive belief about the three-time league MVP’s future.

Packers legend believes Aaron Rodgers faces inevitable ‘nasty’ divorce ahead in Green Bay

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Since the start of the offseason, the attention around the Green Bay Packers has remained on Aaron Rodgers’ future.

There has yet to be any movement toward bringing further resolution to his contract situation that runs through the 2023 campaign. With that in mind, former Packers great Charles Woodson voiced on Tuesday during an interview with The Zach Gelb Show That he believes the two sides are headed toward an eventual “nasty” end.

“”It’s one of those situations where there’s all this talk swirling around him and Green Bay, and it could be one of those situations where it gets nasty,” Woodson said. “I certainly hope that doesn’t happen, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire. This could be a situation where — before you know it — someone makes some kind of play or offer and Green Bay can’t refuse.

“They’ll say ‘hey, we’ll go our separate ways and he wants to be somewhere else and we’ll move on with the future of this team.'”

Rodgers has voiced on various occasions that he has a strong desire to play into his 40s. That would put him well beyond his current contract and force the Packers’ hand, especially if he’s still effective at that point in his career.

Woodson’s comments encapsulate the general sense around the matter as there hasn’t been anything to suggest that Green Bay wants to extend Rodgers’ deal. The cards are on the table, and the Packers have complete control of the matter.

His future remains out of his control

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Over the last several months, the Packers continue to play the situation as close to the vest as possible.

Since the team’s disappointing playoff exit, the organization has spoken quite highly of Rodgers remaining their future under center.

There is no reason to believe the Packers would divot from that notion otherwise, but their actions don’t fall in line with their words. Green Bay has every opportunity to extend Rodgers’ contract, which the star quarterback broached that conversation back in January.

Beyond that, the 37-year-old has repeatedly voiced in every fashion that he wants to play with the franchise for the rest of his career. All that alone gives off the appearance of it being a one-sided conversation. Those parameters have already guided Rodgers to begin mentally preparing for a departure down the line when that crossroad comes forth.

Time will tell in this matter, but it certainly doesn’t look promising for the future Hall of Famer’s hopes of playing the rest of his career in Green Bay.