The Packers Possess a $14 Million Reason to Amend Their Aaron Rodgers Situation

The Green Bay Packers can’t escape the conversation around Aaron Rodgers’ long-term future. Rodgers‘ contract situation remains the uncertain factor that lingers over the franchise. However, the Packers have a potential $14 million reason to amend the matter with their star quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers expresses uncertainty around his long-term future in Green Bay

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Since the Green Bay Packers bowed out of the playoffs, the focus has remained on Aaron Rodgers‘ long-term future.

The star quarterback has aired some uncertainty regarding what lies ahead of him in Green Bay. He has also continued to voice an unwavering desire to remain with the franchise for the rest of his NFL career.

However, his current contract situation, coupled with the drafting of Jordan Love in the first round of last year’s draft, has created lingering chatter. The last several weeks have seen the Packers continue to publicly express their commitment to the three-time league MVP.

The question has become whether that will translate to Green Bay further solidifying Rodgers’ future regarding his contractual situation. The front office may have an even greater reason to head that route as it would significantly benefit ahead of the 2021 season.

The Packers possess a $14 million reason to amend their Aaron Rodgers situation

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Although the outside noise remains around Aaron Rodgers, the Packers haven’t pivoted in any manner from him.

Green Bay has the option to take that another step further with a definitive action regarding his contract situation.

Various reports suggested Rodgers approached the Packers back in January regarding an extension from his four-year, $134 million deal that runs through the 2023 season. Those discussions could take on more serious consideration, given the immediate financial benefits that Green Bay could gain.

His $37.2 million cap hit for next season includes a $14.3 million prorated bonus and a $6.8 million roster bonus. Those combined amounts can be converted into a signing bonus spread out over the remaining three years of his deal. That alone would allow them to offload two-thirds of that total in 2021, creating roughly $14 million in cap relief.

The team could also add years to his contract that would lower his cap hit for this year. It’s no secret that the Packers are moving vigorously to get under the salary cap before the league year begins, and any of those moves would substantially aid that effort.

All that presents a possible win-win situation for both sides, but the onus remains on the franchise to make it happen.

Green Bay holds all the cards

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The Packers are well aware of Aaron Rodgers’ desire to remain with the franchise.

The chatter surrounding the situation solely revolves around Green Bay moving off him before his contract ends. Rodgers wants stability and an opportunity to prove that he can be their highly productive starting quarterback until he steps into retirement.

His performance on the field would suggest that he’s far from finished as he’s coming off one of his best campaigns. Rodgers has held up his end of the bargain behind his play, as it now lies on the Packers to show their commitment.

According to Wisconsin State Journal, general manager Brian Gutekunst spoke about the situation earlier this month concerning restructuring the 37-year-old’s deal.

With all of our players, I keep whatever conversations we have confidential,” Gutekunst said. “But I will say we’ve reached out to a number of players — obviously David Bakhtiari being one who we’ve already gone down that route with him — working with those guys to kind of find solutions to this cap issue. I’m appreciative of those guys. I think everybody wants to try to put the best football team out there in ‘21 that we can.”

The Packers may be keeping their offseason plans close to the vest, but there remains a clear path toward resolving Rodgers’ contract situation.

Contract details courtesy of Over The Cap.