Panthers’ Christian McCaffrey Sets NFL Feat No Other Running Back Has Ever Done

It has been nothing short of a remarkable 2019 campaign for Carolina Panthers star running back Christian McCaffrey. Not only has he further established himself as arguably the best running back in the league, but he is also among the best talents. With each passing week, McCaffrey has continued to pile on more NFL records that cement his status among his peers. He added yet another impressive feat during the season finale against the Carolina Panthers.

Christian McCaffrey’s breakout 2019 campaign

Before the 2019 season, McCaffrey has placed himself among the best running backs in the league behind his dual-threat ability out of the backfield.

The 23-year-old took that a step further this year as he has been without a doubt the most productive running back in the league. His stellar play has given him some much-deserved MVP consideration despite the Panthers’ porous record this season.

McCaffrey has put up numerous records in 2019, such as being the first running back with a pair of 100 reception campaigns in his first three years in the league. His total scrimmage yards that well eclipse 2,100 total yards is also the most that any player has had in the last five seasons alone.

The Stanford product is a unique talent who continues to set NFL feats with his dazzling play every week. McCaffrey has now added another first for running backs in league history.

Christian McCaffrey joins rare history

It feels like seemingly every week that McCaffrey is marking his place in NFL history with yet another record.

The Pro Bowler has done that once again as he racked up his 300th career reception, which has put him alongside Saints star wide receiver Michael Thomas as the only two players in league history to accomplish that feat in their first three seasons.

What is most impressive about that record is that he is the only running back ever to rack up those numbers. That includes the likes of Hall of Famers LaDainian Tomlinson, Emmitt Smith, Marshall Faulk Curtis Martin, and Barry Sanders, all unable to reach that mark. It could primarily be due to the era the NFL is in with dual-threat running backs being so vital, but it only speaks to the game-changing talent that McCaffrey possesses.

Given his ability on the field, there will likely be many more records that he will put under his name in the coming years.

Christian McCaffrey cements elite status in NFL

There were plenty of questions around McCaffrey when he entered the NFL if his all-around ability could translate to the next level. He has more than silenced the doubters throughout his first three seasons as he has become a durable three-down back that can carry an offense.

McCaffrey is a legitimate game-changing factor that the Panthers are hoping to build their offense around for the long haul. He has shown he can take the physical pounding that comes with being an NFL running backs while being arguably the best receiving running back in the league.

His skill set is something that not many players in the league have as it will be essential for the team not to wear him down to best preserve his high level of production moving forward. That will place a great deal of emphasis on the front office to put together a team that can best utilize his ability to compete for much more than just the playoffs.

McCaffrey has garnered the respect and adoration from his peers that has placed him in the upper echelon in the league as being a top-tier talent not only at his position well beyond that.