Patrick Beverley Embarrassed the Warriors Then Trash Talked the Arena Staff

The Golden State Warriors have reached five straight NBA finals and won three titles during that span. But their roster has seen numerous changes, causing many to set them aside for the Los Angeles Clippers. At the time of the Clippers’ 141-122 victory over the Warriors in late October, Patrick Beverley made it clear where he now believes things stand in the NBA.

Patrick Beverley’s thoughts on the Warriors

NBA guard Patrick Beverley has this hate for the Golden State Warriors. He started right where he left off last season — a time when the Clippers gave the Warriors a hard time in the competitive six-game series in the debut round. Beverley started a beef with Kevin Durant.

However, the Warriors lost Durant, and Kawhi Leonard joined the Clippers in the offseason. What resulted was a little chance of victory for the Clippers in the premier game at the Golden State Warriors’ arena. 

Stephen Curry responds to Beverley

The Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley was pleased when they smashed the Warriors in their new arena. He didn’t even hide his feelings. The 31-year-old registered five steals and vexed Stephen Curry throughout the entire game. And he trash-talked Curry during the Clippers’ 141-122 victory. However, the two-time MVP responded perfectly to the trash talk. 

Beverley told Curry that the last five years were theirs and that the next five years are his. But Curry cut Beverley off, telling him how he’s 31 years — not good with the NBA terms. Will he thrive past his 35th birthday? Beverley forgot to mention the absence of Warriors Klay Thompson. The Warriors miss him too.

Beverley trash talks the Arena staff

However, Beverley’s trash talk seemed to affect the two-time MVP’s performance. He made 8-of-20 shots and 2-of-11 shots far off the arc, and his turnover number matched his overall field goal.

In spite of Curry’s strong response, Beverley still had the guts to run his mouth after the final whistle. Let us get this right: Beverley loved it. And again, the Clippers fans headed straight to the exits early, during the Warriors’ first game in their new arena after moving from Oakland to San Francisco.

Beverley had loads of trash to get off his chest. He trash-talked to them about how the Warriors “cheated” to get KD. Thought that was all? No. Beverley continued celebrating in the Clippers locker room too.

As per Chris Haynes:

In the Clippers’ locker room, Patrick Beverley was having some fun with some of the arena staff workers who help tidy up the facility.

“Y’all a little different without KD, I see,” Beverley playfully jabbed. “Uh-huh, y’all cheated long enough. It’s OK. Y’all had a good run. Back to reality.”

Well, this is true. For at least most of this season, if not all, the Warriors will lack Klay Thompson. Of course, we are all aware that Curry will shoot better than 2-of-11 far off the arc. D’Angelo Russell won’t shoot 6-of-16 every night. Everything will go to normal, and the defense will get better.

For most of Beverley’s career, he gamed for lower-level playoff teams like the Houston Rockets before getting Chris Paul or the Clippers last year. Never before a contender. But now more prominent players like Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are on his team. This means that Beverley is going to reach higher levels.