Patrick Mahomes’ $17 Million Gift to the Chiefs Could Land Them a Much-Needed Asset

Since the Kansas City Chiefs fell short in Super Bowl 55, the focus for the offseason remains quite clear. Patrick Mahomes is the future of the franchise, and providing the necessary assets around him is critical. With that mindset in place, the Chiefs may now be heading toward adding a much-needed piece to the puzzle.

Patrick Mahomes helps create $17 million in salary cap space for the Chiefs

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As the start of free agency quickly approaches, teams around the league are making internal moves to position themselves better financially.

Kansas City is in the thick of those efforts as they have freed up significant salary-cap space this month. Last Friday, Patrick Mahomes reworked his contract with the Chiefs to open up $17 million in salary-cap room.

Kansas City will convert Mahomes’ $21.7 million roster bonus for the 2021 season into a signing bonus. That move alone will spread the cap hit into the years ahead while creating some massive financial space this offseason.

The 25-year-old’s decision to head that route will give the team more financial flexibility to add more pieces to the puzzle. All that may already have Kansas City honing in on a much-needed asset to help provide Mahomes what he needs to lead the franchise toward another Super Bowl.

Chiefs may soon provide Patrick Mahomes with much-needed help

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Before the Chiefs reworked Patrick Mahomes’ contract late last week, the franchise made some eye-opening moves.

The front office released starting tackles Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz, which immediately brought forth questions concerning their offensive line. The decision to potentially move on from these two players leaves some gaping holes.

However, Kansas City may have their attention on new protection for Mahomes with All-Pro left tackle Trent Williams becoming a free agent. According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, the Chiefs may be willing to unload financially to land Williams to beef up their offensive line.

Breer also reported that the San Francisco 49ers are willing to spend $20 million annually to keep the eight-time Pro Bowler. The Indianapolis Colts may also be in the picture that could further drive up the price tag. In his first campaign with the 49ers, Williams proved that he’s still one of the game’s best offensive linemen as he allowed only four sacks and allowed pressure on 3.6 percent of dropbacks.

The Chiefs have a glaring need to address their offensive line that has grown greater. Those factors alone could guide Kansas City into a bidding war to land Williams with the 49ers, Colts, and potentially other teams.

The Chiefs will have their hands full in that effort, but it’s quite clear what their game plan is for free agency this offseason.

Chiefs’ offseason game plan ahead is crystal clear

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The Chiefs are coming off a second straight Super Bowl appearance, but the loss on that stage last month underlined their area of needed improvement: The offensive line.

Kansas City must provide efficient protection for Patrick Mahomes if they hope to compete for another championship. If the team is unable to land Williams, their attention will shift toward adding more talent upfront.

The Chiefs may still be considering bringing back both Schwartz and Fisher, but at a reduced rate. Beyond that, the front office will have their options to further secure that unit well ahead of the 2021 season.

The focus is quite evident in Kansas City, and the proof will be in the pudding if they can get it done this offseason.