Patrick Mahomes’ $5.3 Million Gift Catapulted the Kansas City Chiefs to Super Bowl Success

Patrick Mahomes has been pivotal piece in transforming the Kansas City Chiefs into the gold standard in the NFL. Mahomes is the guiding force for the franchise’s tremendous success that has placed a bright future ahead. The Chiefs are also relishing the $5.3 million gift their star quarterback has created leading to Super Bowl success.

Chiefs rise to dominance behind Patrick Mahomes

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Since Patrick Mahomes took over as the starting quarterback in Kansas City, the franchise has skyrocketed into success.

Mahomes’ meteoric rise to stardom has guided the Chiefs to three straight AFC championship appearances and back-to-back Super Bowl trips, and their first championship in five decades. The 25-year-old has produced at a historic pace, leading him to become the youngest to win the regular season MVP and Super Bowl MVP.

In his four seasons, Mahomes is recognized as arguably the best quarterback in the league that many believe can one day earn the recognition as the GOAT at his position. Beyond that, the Chiefs have significantly benefitted from the $5.3 million gift their star quarterback has created for the franchise.

Patrick Mahomes’ $5.3 million gift catapulted Chiefs to Super Bowl success

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The Kansas City Chiefs are competing in their second straight Super Bowl with an opportunity to capture back-to-back championships.

The Chiefs have become the powerhouse in the league behind Patrick Mahomes’ stellar play. Although Mahomes is less than a year removed from his record-breaking extension, the 25-year-old is still technically playing under his rookie deal.

The reigning Super Bowl MVP has some significant money ahead, but he’s still under a surprising inexpensive salary for the 2020 season. According to Spotrac, Mahomes is only roughly a $5.3 million cap hit for the Chiefs this year.

Kansas City has capitalized on the short window before his massive extension kicked in. Their front office has worked its magic over the last few years by inking several of their core players to lengthy deals. It saw Chris Jones sign a four-year, $80 million contract last July that runs through 2024.

Not long after that, Travis Kelce inked a four-year, $57.2 million extension that runs through the 2026 campaign. Mahomes’ rookie contract also allowed the team to work out a three-year, $52 million deal in 2019 with Tyreek Hill that runs through 2023. 

The team also held the financial flexibility to acquire and sign Frank Clark to a five-year, $104 million contract that extends through 2024. The appeal to play with Mahomes also played a pivotal factor in landing Tyrann Mathieu to anchor their secondary on a three-year, $42 million deal.

Many critical roster moves still lie ahead, but Mahomes’ quick rise to stardom allowed the Chiefs to build a talented team around him before his payday takes full effect.

Future is bright in Kansas City

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Over the next decade, Patrick Mahomes will be the key to the Kansas City Chiefs’ sustaining success.

The Chiefs’ front office has continued to operate to retain their core players or acquire key veteran players on both sides of the ball. Mahomes’ contract does hike up to $31.4 million in 2022 and $42.4 million in 2023, but next season only sees that number rise to $24.8 million.

That alone keeps the window open another year for the Chiefs to add or maintain their roster before the 25-year-old’s massive extension hits. Kansas City won’t retain all their top talent over the next few years, but the blueprint to success is there to follow.

Nonetheless, the keys to the franchise lie in Mahomes hands as he will dictate how their bright future ahead unfolds.

Contract details courtesy of Spotrac.