Patrick Mahomes Achieved Something That Could Never Be Done Again

It was a long time coming, but Patrick Mahomes has finally secured his lucrative long-term extension from the Kansas City Chiefs. That locks him in place with the Chiefs for the next decade-plus with a deal that shatters the record for the biggest contract in United States’ professional sports history. It’s a contract that has received a wide range of reactions as it resets the entire market for the next massive deal that follows his historic agreement. However, it also may have confirmed something that was only fully realized after he inked the contract.

Patrick Mahomes signs record-breaking extension

Patrick Mahomes’ wait for a new extension with the Chiefs has come to a swift end this offseason as he has inked a historic deal with the franchise.

The 24-year-old has put in the leg work over his first two seasons as the starter earning a contract that could pay him $503 million over 10 years. Mahomes has firmly established himself as the franchise’s face while also being the driving force to what has guided them to being a Super bowl-winning team.

He has followed through with his word to remain with the Chiefs for much longer with the potential to retire there. However, it’s a contract that may never be duplicated by another NFL franchise.

No Team may ever commit to a Patrick Mahomes deal

Patrick Mahomes has inked a deal that he has proven to earn every penny of his record-breaking contract extension.

However, it a rare situation that he had perfectly taken advantage of the situation in Kansas City. His meteoric rise to stardom quite early in his career behind the team’s tremendous success led by his play is transcendent in his own right. It’s hard to pinpoint a player that has shown that marked improvement that early in his career that potentially has the chance to become the greatest player in league history.

The pieces had to fall in place precisely for the Chiefs or any NFL team to commit to a decade-long extension. These are deals that rarely work out in the world of sports well beyond football. There are plenty of examples in the NFL, such as Donovan McNabb’s 12-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles and Michael Vick’s 10-year contract with the Atlanta Falcons.

Neither one of those contracts worked out anywhere near the expectation levels. It’s a tough task for any player to achieve greatness and live up to a historic deal. Mahomes may easily be the exception, which speaks volumes to the talent and promise he has ahead of him over the next decade. He is a once-in-a-generation talent that reached peak stardom at age 24, and it would be hardpressed to envision any other situation that could command a 10-year deal or longer.

Did Patrick Mahomes Make a Misake?


Lamar Jackson May Never Truly Compare to Patrick Mahomes

That pushed things back in the direction toward Patrick Mahomes’ decision to take on a contract of this magnitude.

It’s isn’t to say that he’s worth every penny, but more so that he moved too quickly toward that deal. It’s hard to fathom that he left money on the table after inking a deal that could land him north of $500 million, but the shorter contract allows him to garner another lucrative contract.

Mahomes is locked into a deal at a set price that could only see him earn another deal if the Chiefs were ever to opt-out of his extension. His commitment is one that likely won’t see him garner several days that could be lumped together to be worth more than what he has on this historical extension.

There wasn’t a pressing need to get the contract done now with two years still left on his rookie deal, but it’s one that he likely wanted to cash in on after guiding the franchise to their first Super Bowl win in five decades. Only time will tell if this was the right decision for Patrick Mahomes to make at this moment.