Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs Finally Have Timetable For Massive Deal

Following leading the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl win in 50 years, the focus around star quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been on his next deal. Many are expecting Mahomes to swiftly become the first player in league history to top $200 million on that contract. There hasn’t been a timeframe for when the Chiefs will begin to dive into negotiations to keep the reigning Super Bowl MVP with the franchise for many years to come. However, there now appears to be an inkling about when to expect the entire situation to transpire.

Patrick Mahomes’ contract situation

Through his first three years in the league, Mahomes has quickly risen the ranks to be regarded as being the top quarterback in the league. He has experienced tremendous success in his first two years as a starter.

Mahomes has become the youngest player to win both the regular-season MVP award and Super Bowl MVP honors all before age 25. He has made the Chiefs a powerhouse in the NFL as the driving force offensively that has guided the team to back-to-back AFC Championship appearances and their first Super Bowl win in five decades.

The 24-year-old hasn’t even hit his physical prime yet that could see his best seasons ahead of him in what could be an illustrious long career. All that has only made the talk around his next contract that much more prominent as he’s set to enter the fourth year of his rookie deal, If the dialogue lingers, there is no doubt that the franchise will pick up the fifth-year option his contract.

There haven’t been any substantial discussions toward working out a new contract, which has given much uncertainty to when things will be worked out. It appears that there may be some indication about when to expect those talks will begin.

When to expect Patrick Mahomes’ next deal

Since Super Bowl 54, the Chiefs will have remained quite mum on when the contract extension talks will begin with Mahomes.

There has been keen mutual interest on both sides to get a long-term deal in place to keep the star quarterback in Kansas City for many more years. The Pro Bowler voiced before the Super Bowl that he wants to retire with the franchise.

With that in mind, there could be some light at the end of the tunnel this offseason in working the entire contract situation out. According to Tom Pelissero of The NFL Network, the Chiefs are expected to ramp discussions up after the 2020 draft that is scheduled to take place later this month.

That gives the Chiefs plenty of time before the start of next season to have a new deal in place with Mahomes. That should avoid it becoming a lingering topic around the team next season despite there being robust interest from him to stay.

What will Patrick Mahomes’ next deal look like?

It’s a matter of when Mahomes will have his next contract in place with the Chiefs that should see him get paid in historic fashion.

There have been plenty of numbers floated around with much of that centered on him being the first player in league history to break $200 million. The expectation is also that he will top $40 million annually in that contract that will reset the entire market for the next quarterback deal that follows his in the coming months.

At the same time, Mahomes has voiced that he wants to go about working out his next deal in a smart way to avoid it from handicapping the team from being able to sign or retain talent. Ultimately, He has more than exceeded the expectations that were placed ahead of him entering the league, which has put him a promising spot to cash in a significant way this offseason.