Patrick Mahomes’ Best Skill Could Be Compromised in Super Bowl 55 Because of Multiple Injuries

Going into Super Bowl 55, there is a lot of pressure on Patrick Mahomes’ shoulders. Not only is he facing the guy he’s chasing in Tom Brady, but the defense he is playing against is playing great football. If Mahomes wants to capture his second straight Super Bowl title, he will need to repeat his Week 12 performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Everything won’t be the same for Mahomes as it was in Week 12. Nevertheless, he will need to use the most lethal part of his game to give his team a chance to win. Unfortunately, he and the team dealing with multiple injuries that could limit his effectiveness in this area.

Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback on the run

There is a lot to love about Patrick Mahomes and his game. Mahomes has everything a coach could want in a quarterback, from his awkward yet successful throwing angles to his bazooka of an arm. However, one part of his game is not talked about as much but should be. With his sneaky athleticism, Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks on the run.

Since becoming the starter in Kansas City, teams have fell victim to the athleticism of Mahomes. His mobility has been essential in him extending plays, using his improvisational abilities to turn a broken play into a big play for their offense.

Putting how much Mahomes throws on the run in perspective, NFL Next Gen Stats considers a throw on the run as the quarterback going at least 8 mph when throwing the ball. Under those circumstances, Mahomes was on the run 23% of the time in 2020. That was the second-highest rate in the NFL, per Next Gen Stats. His speed at the time of the throw averaged 4.96 mph, second-fastest in the league. 

During the 2020 season, nobody was better than Patrick Mahomes on the run. He threw for 951 yards and 13 touchdowns on the run, the most in the NFL. His 76 completions are second-most, so Mahomes is on the run often. He will be running early and often because of the defense he’s facing and injuries to his offensive line.

The Kansas City Chiefs have O-Line issues

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Being without both starting tackles for the Super Bowl is not how the Chiefs thought things would go. That is how things are, as Kansas City’s offensive line is banged up at the worst possible time. Mahomes is mobile because he wants to most of the time, but he will be mobile in the Super Bowl because he’ll have to be. 

The Chiefs will be without Eric Fisher for the Super Bowl. He suffered a torn Achilles in the AFC championship game, ending his season. Fisher has been excellent protecting Mahomes’ blindside, only allowing three sacks for the year.

Their other tackle, Mitchell Schwartz, has not played since Week 6. He’s been out with a back injury and won’t be available for the Super Bowl. The Chiefs practice all lineman at every position on the offensive line, but missing two tackles is quite the obstacle for the team to overcome.

It doesn’t help that the Bucs’ defense has been rolling in the playoffs. They have seven sacks this postseason, getting five in the NFC championship game against the Green Bay Packers. Knowing replacement tackles will be in has to have the entire defense salivating.

Mike Remmers will be Fisher’s replacement, who played well when he filled in for him in the AFC championship game. However, Jason Pierre-Paul and Shaquil Barrett are excellent edge rushers and combined for four sacks in their last game. If there were ever a time for Patrick Mahomes to use his mobility, it’d be this game.

Patrick Mahomes is dealing with a nagging injury

Given the offensive line injuries and the momentum the Bucs’ defensive line is bringing into this game, Mahomes might have to run early and often for Kansas City. However, he is still recovering from a nagging injury that could limit his mobility. He suffered a turf toe injury in the divisional round of the playoffs.

According to WebMD, if the rehab of rest, ice, compression, and elevation are followed, turf toe should be treated within two to three weeks. Mahomes is approaching the three-week milestone, which signals his toe should be healed. Take into consideration he played on the injured toe in the AFC title game. According to Mahomes, he isn’t 100%, but he’s pretty close to it.

“Having these two weeks to let it rest and heal up, especially being over three weeks away from the injury itself. If you look at those types of injuries, that kind of gives you the normal timeline. Definitely, every single day that I keep it rested, it makes it even better. But it’s pretty close to 100%,” said Mahomes, per ChiefsWire.

The mobility of Patrick Mahomes will be one of the more essential aspects of Super Bowl 55. With the Bucs planning to bring pressure, Mahomes will need to get out of dodge quickly. He will also need to watch out for his turf toe, as reinjury is possible. Staying clean and using his feet are the two keys for Mahomes and the Chiefs to secure their second title.