Patrick Mahomes Credits Tom Brady for Pivotal Moment That Dramatically Changed His NFL Career

Patrick Mahomes is on the doorstep of winning his second Super Bowl in as many appearances on that stage. Mahomes has transformed the Kansas City Chiefs into a powerhouse that may see many more title contention seasons ahead. Before he took off onto his fast track of success, Tom Brady provided the Chiefs quarterback a pivotal moment that has helped shape his career.

Patrick Mahomes’ rise to NFL stardom

Since taking over as the Chiefs full-time starter, Patrick Mahomes has experienced unrivaled success to begin an NFL career.

Mahomes has become Kansas City’s guiding force toward success over his brief career. His resume speaks for itself with three AFC championship games appearances and two Super Bowl trips in the last three seasons.

His upward trajectory has begun the conversation of him possibly becoming the undisputed greatest quarterback in NFL history one day down the line. Mahomes’ fast track toward stardom included a pivotal moment that he shared with Tom Brady that has helped shape his career.

Patrick Mahomes credits Tom Brady for career-changing moment

In his brief NFL career, Patrick Mahomes has only one blip on his playoff resume: the 2019 AFC championship game loss to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

The defeat certainly still stings for Mahomes, but it led to a career-changing moment. Following the game, Brady ventured into the Chiefs’ locker room to speak with him. Mahomes recently voiced that moment with the future Hall of Famer only further affirmed he was approaching his craft in the right manner. (H/T Frank Schwab of Yahoo Sports)

“It was affirmation of what I’d been doing the whole year, that I was doing it the right way,” Mahomes said Monday. “As a young quarterback you don’t understand that. You try to put in as much time and work as possible and try to win as many games as possible, and for him to come talk to me and show me that respect, from Tom, it meant I was doing it the right way. Obviously I have a ton of respect for him and everything he has done.”

Mahomes had just wrapped his first season as a full-time starter that featured winning the 2018 regular season MVP award behind throwing 50 touchdown passes. The Chiefs’ narrowly lost in the AFC championship game to Brady and the Patriots in overtime as their star quarterback never got a possession.

Mahomes has used those keen words of advice from Brady to fuel his dedication to his craft and continues to find tremendous success. He now has an opportunity in front of him to snag a Vince Lombardi trophy away from the 43-year-old.

Chance to add another to his legacy


Patrick Mahomes Looking to Match Joe Montana With Impressive Super Bowl Feat Not Seen in More Than Three Decades

Patrick Mahomes may only be nearing the completion of his fourth season, but he has quickly thrust his way into rarified air.

Mahomes has a chance to add to his impressive resume in Super Bowl 55 by securing his second championship. The scenario is set up to be a legacy-defining moment as he will face Tom Brady, who is searching to extend his NFL record to seven Super Bowl wins.

The 25-year-old has a ways to go to catch Brady, but a win over the future Hall of Famer will play a huge part in adding to his reputation. Not only does it bring him a step closer to the 43-year-old’s six Super Bowl wins mark, but it’s also a victory over him on the grandest stage.

Super Bowl 55 presents a unique opportunity for Mahomes to further separate himself in NFL lore.