Patrick Mahomes Dodged a Bullet By Not Getting Drafted Where He Thought

Patrick Mahomes has quickly become arguably the best quarterback in the league. Mahomes has guided the Kansas City Chiefs to tremendous success in his brief time in the NFL. These factors often led to the conversation of how the 2017 draft could have gone if teams knew the talent that the Texas Tech product would develop into at this level. All that has led things down the pipe to Mahomes stating that he believes another team was going to take him.

Patrick Mahomes’ impressive start to his NFL career

The Chiefs’ decision to move up 17 spots to the 10th overall spot in the 2017 draft has been the best decision the organization has made.

Patrick Mahomes has become the face of the franchise behind the historic success in the last two seasons. The 25-year-old is the youngest player to secure both the regular-season MVP award and Super Bowl MVP honors.

In his first two years as the starting quarterback, he has guided the team to back-to-back AFC Championship game appearances and their first Super Bowl win in five decades. Mahomes has continued to produce at a record-breaking pace, such as becoming the fastest to reach 10,000 career passing yards. He is also the quickest player to 4,000 career passing yards and 40 touchdown passes.

What Mahomes continues to accomplish on the football field only further circles back to conversations regarding the 2017 NFL draft. Ahead of Week 8 action, the star quarterback revealed that he believes another AFC team could have selected him instead.

Patrick Mahomes believed the Jets were going to draft him

The impressive quick ascension to stardom that Patrick Mahomes has had has created a revisionist history of where he could have been drafted instead. Mahomes was part of the 2017 draft class that included several Pro Bowler talents taken in the first round.

Mahomes was the second player at his position off the board after Mitchell Trubisky at the second overall pick by the Chicago Bears. Another franchise that could have eyed a quarterback was the New York Jets, who Mahomes revealed this week that he believes the team was interested in selecting him at the sixth overall spot.

“Yeah, I definitely thought there was interest there. Whenever you get those [pre-draft] visits, you know they are pretty interested in doing their due diligence. I definitely thought there was interest there, but at the time they drafted a great player in Jamal Adams, and you can’t argue that one.”

The Jets did wind up taking an elite talent with Adams, but they passed up the opportunity to bring in a potential franchise-changing player. Instead, New York elected to pass on taking a quarterback in the draft due to their belief that second-year quarterback Christian Hackenberg could be the answer under center.

The Jets also traded away Adams before the 2020 season, which further underlines what could have been.

Bright future ahead in Kansas City


The Kansas City Chiefs Just Sealed Their Super Bowl Fate

The Jets’ miscue, along with numerous other franchises ahead of the 10th overall selection, presented the Kansas City Chiefs the chance to secure their franchise’s future.

Patrick Mahomes may have his best seasons ahead as the guiding force to their strong core group. Kansas City has secured their star quarterback under a 10-year extension that will keep him with the franchise for the next decade-plus.

There will be difficult challenges ahead from other teams, but Mahomes has proven that he can lead the Chiefs to tremendous success. The more he strengthens his case for Hall of Fame status over the upcoming years, the more it will be a disappointing reminder for what could have been for teams such as the Jets.