Patrick Mahomes and His Fiance Brittany Matthews Make Life-Changing Announcement

Patrick Mahomes has experienced no shortage of a meteoric rise to NFL stardom. Mahomes is the linchpin to the Kansas City Chiefs’ tremendous success over the last few years. The star quarterback and his fiancee Brittany Matthews are now bursting with excitement with their latest announcement.

Patrick Mahomes’ historic NFL success leads to life-changing stardom

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Since snagging the starting quarterback spot with the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes’ life has seen some significant changes.

Mahomes has leaped into stardom behind his stellar performance producing at a record-breaking pace. The 25-year-old became the youngest player to earn the regular-season MVP award and Super Bowl MVP honors.

He has also set numerous NFL records along the way, such as being the quickest to 100 career passing touchdowns and 10,000 career passing yards. Although he fell short in Super Bowl 55, it doesn’t overlook his tremendous accomplishments.

In his first three seasons as a starter, he has three straight trips to the AFC championship games, two Super Bowl appearances, a Super Bowl win, and three AFC West division titles. All that has earned him the biggest contract in NFL history on a 10-year extension worth up to $503 million.

His significant success on the field has also included going through some life-changing moments away from his craft. Mahomes and his fiancee Brittany Matthews have just experienced one of those events earlier over the weekend.

Patrick Mahomes and his fiancee Brittany Matthews make life-changing announcement

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Over the last several months, Patrick Mahomes has experienced plenty of significant events in his life on and off the football field.

Mahomes saw a change in his personal life that began with his engagement last year to his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Matthews. Shortly after that, the two made the huge announcement that they were expecting their first child.

The star quarterback discussed the matter leading up to Super Bowl 55, hoping that his daughter’s birth would take place after the game. Mahomes and Matthews got their wish as they welcomed their newest addition this past Saturday, naming her Sterling Skye Mahomes.

Throughout the process, the 25-year-old has fully embraced the moment of becoming a father, as he stated to ESPN before Super Bowl 55.

“For me, it’s going to be whenever I actually become a girl dad,” Mahomes stated. “Sorry to Brittany and the engagement ring and everything like that, but being able to see that baby girl is going to be a special moment.”

As Mahomes ventures down the pathway of fatherhood, he certainly holds much excitement for lies ahead.

Promising NFL future also lies ahead

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The next journey in Patrick Mahomes’ personal life will have plenty of memorable moments along the way.

Mahomes also holds much reason to be thrilled by what lies ahead on the football field. The 25-year-old may be coming off a crushing loss in Super Bowl 55, but he will have plenty more opportunities to add more championships to his resume.

Yes, the loss will linger in his mind over the offseason, but that only provides him extra motivation for the 2021 season and well beyond that. Mahomes is also not yet in the physical prime, meaning his best seasons may lie ahead.

The Chiefs will maximize this opportunity by building the roster around their star quarterback to contend for more Super Bowls. The AFC is filled with stiff competition in the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, and Tennessee Titans.

However, as long as Mahomes is healthy under center, Kansas City will remain the conference’s top Super Bowl favorites. There remains some concern with his health this offseason due to toe surgery, but he should be ready to go before the 2021 campaign.

Nonetheless, Mahomes has plenty to be enthused by both on and off the field moving forward.