Patrick Mahomes Gets the Ultimate Compliment From Rams Coach Sean McVay

Patrick Mahomes can count Sean McVay as one of his many admirers. The Rams coach gave an interview on an episode of the HelliePod podcast where he discussed which QB he would take with the game on the line. He chose the same person anyone with a brain would choose.

But the consistency of Mahomes’ brilliance shouldn’t overshadow the legendary start to his career. He’s already the best QB in the league. By the time his career is over, he might not have a peer in NFL history. 

Sean McVay says what we all think about Patrick Mahomes

Last season didn’t go as planned for Sean McVay. But he hasn’t completely lost his ability to analyze football players. After discussing his own career, living in LA, and the possibility of the upcoming season getting postponed, McVay was asked to name the quarterback he would want to have with the game on the line. This question excluded his current QB, Jared Goff. McVay didn’t hesitate to name Mahomes

Picking the Texas Tech alum needs no explanation, but McVay offered one anyway. He admired the Chiefs star from afar after their exciting Monday night matchup in 2018, but he admired him even more after studying KC’s offense in the leadup to Super Bowl LIV, particularly his display against the Titans in the AFC Championship Game. 

“Tennessee did a great job of trying to play vision zone, keeping things in front of him, playing deep to short, and he was patient enough to take completions, make the right decisions, and just when they play those man coverages, he breaks contain, and finds Sammy [Watkins] down the field for a big play. He’s so unique.”

There’s no argument for any other quarterback under center

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes after winning Super Bowl LIV | Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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The argument over who is the best NFL quarterback is usually a debate that can power weeks of segments on daily talk shows, but Mahomes is so overwhelmingly dominant that he’s made the conversation moot. It’s funny to think that it was slightly controversial that Kansas City decided to trade Alex Smith and give Mahomes the keys after barely playing as a rookie.

The rookie QB threw for four touchdowns in his first start and never looked back. Mahomes made a habit out of rewriting history books. He became the second player in NFL history to throw for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns, the first Chief since Len Dawson in 1966 to lead the league in passing touchdowns. He also became the league MVP in his first year as a starter.

Mahomes’ stats weren’t quite as impressive this past year, but he can console himself by looking at his Super Bowl MVP trophy. Regardless, the QB’s effect on the field transcends numbers. He throws the ball like he’s in Madden. He consistently does things that would be impossible for any other quarterback. More often than not, Mahomes looks unstoppable. 

It’s probable that Mahomes retires as the best QB of all time

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As great as Mahomes is now, it seems impossible to think that he could ever get substantially better. But the man himself seems to think that there is still a level of play he has yet to reach. The idea that Mahomes could get even better sounds absurd, but there’s probably some truth in it. He’s only 24, years away from the peak for most quarterbacks.

Per his interview with GQ, he only began to treat football as his full-time sport four years ago. His lack of development was such that he claims he couldn’t read defenses until “halfway through last year.” That sounds impossible, but apparently, he’s been making things happen almost entirely with just his natural talent so far. 

But even if he never improves from where he is now, Mahomes will be more than worth his new, massive contract for at least a decade, assuming he stays healthy. If he lives up to the standards he’s set in his first two years as a starter, he has a real chance to become the best QB of all time.