Patrick Mahomes Inspired by Tom Brady to Reach Legendary Goal

It has been nothing short of an impressive career that has put Patrick Mahomes at a historic pace. The Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback has put the franchise in a promising spot to achieve tremendous success over the decade-plus after his record-breaking deal. However, there is another major goal that he wants to reach that involves some significant influence from the future Hall of Famer Tom Brady.

Patrick Mahomes’ incredible start to NFL career

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Patrick Mahomes entered the NFL with plenty of questions around him after the Chiefs moved up to the 10th overall pick to take him.

Mahomes has quickly silenced that doubt by experiencing tremendous success in his last two seasons as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback. He has guided the franchise to two AFC Championship games and won their first Super Bowl win five decades. That has featured him reaching historic feats such as being the youngest player to win the regular-season MVP award and Super Bowl MVP honors.

Beyond the continued reaching of accolades, Mahomes has another significant feat in mind that involves much influence from Tom Brady.

Patrick Mahomes wants to play into his 40s

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Through his first couple of years in the league, it has become evident that Patrick Mahomes views Tom Brady as the benchmark for success and greatness.

That is certainly the case in many regards, especially with putting forth a career that has can see him extend his playing days into his 40s, as he stated during an interview on FS1’s Undisputed on Wednesday morning. (H/T Arrowhead Pride)

“That’s the goal. I’ve talked to a couple of my teammates that have younger kids. I always joke with them and say, ‘I’m going to be playing with your kids whenever you’re watching from home.’ To play until 43, you’ve got to have that mentality that Tom’s had — to not only be great on the football field but to be great off of it; to be able to go out there every single day and take care of your body. I’ve put a good plan together with my trainer every single year so far, and I’m going to try to do that and get as healthy as I possibly can — so that I can be playing at that age.”

Mahomes’ massive extension runs through the 2031 season, where he will be 35 years old. It’s safe to assume that he will have garnered another extension will before then to keep him in Kansas City well beyond that end date. Mahomes has his eyes on achieving success that Brady accomplished with the New England Patriots.

That will require him to put forth a career that extends beyond two decades in the league behind sustained success. It’s still quite early in his career, but Mahomes hasn’t shown any reason to believe that his desire to play into his 40s will wane.

Bright future ahead

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The Chiefs made their most significant move in franchise history by securing Patrick Mahomes to a long-term extension.

That keeps in place the face of the organization through the prime of his career. Mahomes has shown the ability to take the franchise to tremendous heights behind his performance. As long as he’s under center for the Chiefs, there’s no reason to believe that the team can’t continue to contend for Super Bowls.

He has garnered the type of impact that Brady had for many years in New England. His play alone could drive the franchise to many more deep playoff runs and build him a resume that could challenge the future Hall of Famer. Mahomes has the chance to make a run at earning the recognition as being the greatest quarterback of all-time if he stays on his unmatched pace.