Patrick Mahomes is About to Make His Next Big Business Move

Patrick Mahomes has experienced a quick rise to NFL stardom that, in many ways, has been unrivaled. Mahomes‘ tremendous football success has guided him toward plenty of off-the-field business ventures over the last few years. All that has put the Kansas Chiefs star quarterback involved with another unique business opportunity.

Patrick Mahomes’ rise to stardom

Since taking over as the full-time starter in his second NFL season with the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes has quickly lifted off into stardom.

Mahomes’ production and performance remain unmatched around the league. He has been the driving force toward making the Chiefs into a Super Bowl contending team. In his first two seasons under center, Mahomes has guided Kansas City to back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances and their first Super Bowl win in five decades.

The 25-year-old is the youngest to win both the regular-season MVP award and the Super Bowl MVP honors. He’s also the quickest to reach 10,000 passing yards, and 100 touchdown passes. Mahomes’ tremendous upward trajectory has now earned him the chance to be part of another exciting off-the-field business venture.

Patrick Mahomes, Adidas are releasing another shoe

Patrick Mahomes has continued his ascension as one of the most recognizable sports figures across the country.

His increasing popularity has earned him numerous endorsement deals with prominent companies. Among those is Adidas, where he has worked to develop several products over the last year. The latest set to drop is are the Ultra Boost Mid “Patrick Mahomes” that will release on Dec. 9.

The shoe design is inspired by the colorway of his high school alma mater, Whitehouse High School. Although it’s not his signature shoe, it’s something that the Chiefs’ star quarterback is quite excited about unveiling, according to

“It is a collaboration that I’m doing with adidas. It’s my hometown Whitehouse Wildcat colors of our own type of Ultraboost and I’ve already gotten a pair, and I mean they’re sweet, they’re comfortable, you can go out there and look cool,” Mahomes said. “Hopefully this is just the start and we’ll get to collab more and more, then eventually I’ll get my own signature shoe and hopefully that’ll be something pretty sweet that I’ll have forever.”

The new shoes don’t mark the first time that he has collaborated with Adidas, as the company released the Adidas AM 4 “Showtime Mahomes” in September 2019. Beyond that, Mahomes’ remarks lend well to him possibly getting his own signature shoe line from Adidas down the line. In the meantime, he will have some fresh new shoes out quite soon.

Much more to come ahead


Patrick Mahomes Gets His Early NFL Regrets Off His Chest

The continued success on the football field has only lent well to Patrick Mahomes’ growing popularity.

Mahomes has the opportunity to put forth a legendary career that could see him become an all-time great. All that will open the door for many more off-the-field ventures to boost his brand further.

The 25-year-old has already become arguably the face of the league quite early in his career, which should see many more highly productive and successful campaigns ahead. The fact that he’s reached this amount of personal success early in his NFL career has set the bar high for what lies ahead over the next decade-plus in Kansas City.

The sky is truly the limit for Mahomes in all walks of life as he has positioned himself in a promising spot for years to come.