Patrick Mahomes Is an Absolute Bargain for the Kansas City Chiefs

At just 24 years old with little more than two seasons of NFL action, Patrick Mahomes already has a more impressive resume than many pro quarterbacks. He’s won the MVP award not only for the NFL season but now for the Super Bowl after his comeback win over the 49ers. Despite this, Mahomes makes far less money than other quarterbacks at his skill level.

Patrick Mahomes’ NFL career

After being selected 10th overall in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Texas Tech alum did not see much action during his rookie season, appearing in only one game. By 2018, however, Mahomes was playing like a superstar. After becoming the Chiefs’ full-time starter, he had a historic season, throwing for over 5,000 yards on 383 completions at a 66% clip. 

With the Chiefs rallying around Mahomes, he threw for 50 touchdowns and only 12 interceptions. The QB showed he had one of the best arms in the NFL, winning the MVP award in the process. In the playoffs, Mahomes’ season came up short after a loss to the Patriots. With the 2019 season approaching, many wondered if he’d take it to the next level.

Mahomes played more economically in 2019, although his production was still great. In 14 games, he threw with similar accuracy to his MVP season, but with 100 fewer attempts, his yardage and touchdowns decreased. With Lamar Jackson’s emergence, Mahomes flew under the radar until the playoffs. Then, he showed he could rise above the rest once again. 

Now, with a Super Bowl win, Mahomes’ future only looks brighter. If the Chiefs want to keep this relationship going, they may need to open up their pocketbooks.

What does Patrick Mahomes make?

Still in the middle of his rookie deal, Mahomes earns far less money than several less-accomplished NFL quarterbacks. His $16.4 million deal is less than what his Super Bowl opponent, Jimmy Garoppolo, makes in one season ($23.8 million base salary). Mahomes’ overall contract is worth less than Josh Rosen’s, who only lasted a few games as a starter this season in Miami. 

From Marcus Mariota to Jameis Winston, Kyler Murray to Baker Mayfield, the list of players who make more than Mahomes seems preposterous when compared. But as the Chiefs begin to look at a possible extension for their young star quarterback, all of this will likely change.

The $200 million man?

Mahomes’ contract was par for the course when he signed it as a rookie, but to get this type of performance out of a rookie deal is unheard of. The Chiefs know this, and if ESPN’s Adam Schefter is to be believed, they are more than willing to spend top dollar to retain their MVP’s services. 

Schefter stated that Mahomes could land the first $200 million contract in the NFL upon this extension, although he noted that the upcoming CBA could decrease this amount a little bit as insurance. These talks can’t officially occur until the end of next season, however. This means the Chiefs will likely get another superstar performance for pennies on the dollar. 

Mahomes might stand in front of the NFL’s youth movement after winning the Super Bowl, and his upcoming contract could loom large for Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, and others who will follow. By doing so much, so early, however, Mahomes will likely become the most well-paid NFL player in history when he puts his name on the next extension.

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