Patrick Mahomes’ Path to NFL Dynasty Vastly Different Than Tom Brady

It took several months after winning Super Bowl 54, but Patrick Mahomes has finally garnered the record-breaking long-term extension from the Kansas City Chiefs. It shifted immediately over to the expectations that are levied before him with his more than half a billion-dollar commitment from the Chiefs. Mahomes has made it clear what his intentions are, but he will be “chasing a dynasty,” unlike Tom Brady ever did.

Patrick Mahomes inks record-breaking deal

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Following months of anticipation, Patrick Mahomes has finally squared away his lucrative extension with the Chiefs.

There’s been much speculation around how much he could earn on his next deal with many numbers floating around. It took some time to hammer away the financial figure in his massive 10-year extension, but Mahomes is set to earn $503 million through the duration of that contract, according to Ian Rapoport of The NFL Network.

It is also remarkable that he has $477 million of that deal guaranteed while there is wiggle room for him to work toward any outs on the contract so that he could potentially garner another deal. It’s a contract that he has more than put himself in the position to secure as he has had a historic start to his NFL career.

He has earned the NFL regular-season MVP award and Super Bowl MVP honors in his first two years as a starting quarterback. Mahomes has the Chiefs’ future riding on his shoulders and the record-breaking commitment to him shows that they are more than confident in his ability to continue to guide the franchise to tremendous success.

Patrick Mahomes “chasing a dynasty’ unlike Tom Brady did

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The new deal that Patrick Mahomes has inked has set the bar incredibly high throughout his decade-long extension.

It puts Mahomes in territory that not even Tom Brady has ever been in career following the move. In his first post following the contract, the 24-year-old made it clear that he’s gunning to achieve a dynasty like the former New England Patriots quarterback.

“You’ve been with me since the beginning — from rookie year to becoming a starter to the unconventional to doing whatever it takes to win to showdowns. You helped me come back from injury. You helped us come back from deficits, multiple deficits. You helped us overcome adversity to become Super Bowl champs. And we’re staying together . . . for a long time. We’re chasing a dynasty.”

Mahomes aims to put himself in that same territory or beyond what Brady has accomplished in his legendary career. He may not have stated it outward, but the six-time Super Bowl champion is the benchmark he will measure his career success by, and this contract only further fortifies those expectations.

The pressure is now on him to continue to stay on that historical path and do something that Brady didn’t have the chance to do with the pay he deserved throughout his career.

Quest remains the same for Patrick Mahomes

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Before Patrick Mahomes received his historic deal, the rising expectations have arrived upon him.

It’s something that he has quickly embraced after winning his first Super Bowl. Mahomes is entering the early prime of his career that could see him pile on years of success that could rival Tom Brady’s over his two decades with the Patriots. However, what will separate him from the pack as it has for Brady by winning Super Bowls.

That is the benchmark that Mahomes has quickly come upon this early in his career. That is why the Chiefs are quite comfortable with committing more than half a billion dollars on the shoulders of a 24-year-old. He has proven to be a one-of-a-kind talent that can build a legacy as one of the greatest to play the game.

It’s all in Mahomes’s hands to prove that the Chiefs right on their massive financial devotion to him over the next decade-plus.