Patrick Mahomes Just Avoided A Major Hurdle With His Knee Injury

Star quarterback Patrick Mahomes took a significant leap forward with his legacy by helping guide the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl win in half a century. However, that wasn’t a path taken without some sort of injury concerns along the way as Mahomes dealt with a dislocated kneecap during the regular-season. Although that didn’t flare up after his return to the field or during the playoffs, that was still a prevalent question that he faced as the offseason is underway. It’s something that continued to linger until head coach Andy Reid has finally decided to address the matter.

Patrick Mahomes’ knee injury

Mahomes headed into the 2019 season, looking to build off his breakout 2019 campaign that saw him capture the NFL MVP award.

He had blazed off to an impressive start before suffering a dislocated kneecap in Week 7 against the Denver Broncos. Mahomes had a speedy recovery from the injury, but he missed the next two games.

The 24-year-old return against the Tennessee Titans on Nov. 10 and played the rest of the season without any lingering issues with the injury. In fact, Mahomes’ play was the guiding force towards helping the Chiefs secure their second Super Bowl win.

He was vitally important in the playoffs as he led three comeback wins, including overcoming a double-digit deficit in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 54 against the San Francisco 49ers. During that span, there was never a question about the health of his knee.

However, it’s a lingering question that the Chiefs have finally provided clarity.

Chiefs clear up questions about Patrick Mahomes’ kneecap

Although it was something that was brushed aside on several different occasions, there was the possibility that Mahomes would require surgery to his previous dislocated kneecap.

However, it was something that was swept under the rug, given his success on the field and no sign of it hampering him. Head coach Andy Reid finally put that chatter to bed on Tuesday morning as he stated that his star quarterback would not need surgery, according to Adam Teicher of ESPN.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said he didn’t think Patrick Mahomes would need surgery after dislocating his kneecap in the middle of the season. “Right now he looks good,’’ Reid said. “He was out throwing with Dez (Bryant) the other day so he looked like he was slinging it around pretty good. I think he’s fine.’’

As Reid noted, Mahomes did look perfectly fine, throwing passes to Dez Bryant last week. That alone shows where the health of his knee is at this point, which the team is more than confident those issues are behind him.

It’s still something that they will monitor given the type of injury it was, but if things remain the course over the offseason, there is no reason to believe that this conversation will persist.

What’s next for Patrick Mahomes?

Mahomes has a chance to relish winning his first Super Bowl, which also made him the youngest to capture that feat along with an MVP award.

What looks to be next on his personal docket could be working out a lucrative long-term extension that keeps him in Kansas City for the long haul. Mahomes is expected to garner a deal well north of $200 million and should see him get the highest-paid annual salary in NFL history.

There hasn’t been any notable movement on that end, but that’s an imminent situation that the Chiefs will have to address to keep their star quarterback in place for several years. Mahomes has already voiced that he wants to play his entire career with the franchise. It should be a matter of time before it’s all worked out.