Patrick Mahomes Just Did Something for the First Time in His NFL Career in Super Bowl 55

Going into Super Bowl 55, it had expectations to be a high-scoring and entertaining affair. Those expectations didn’t come to fruition, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had command of the game from the jump. They hounded Patrick Mahomes on defense and benefitted from penalties by the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bucs won the game, 31-9, becoming Super Bowl champions.

The play of Patrick Mahomes is the story for Super Bowl 55. It is fair to say he had his first bad game as an NFL quarterback in the big game. However, it wasn’t all his fault, but he will have to face the music for his poor performance. With this blowout loss, Mahomes just did something for the first time in his career.

Patrick Mahomes struggles in Super Bowl 55

It was a rough day for Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City’s offense. They only put up nine points, the lowest amount of points they scored all season. Give credit to Tampa Bay’s defense, who fell victim to the Chiefs’ potent offense in Week 12. In the Super Bowl, they got after Mahomes, playing with physicality and speed.

Mahomes threw for 270 yards, zero touchdowns, and two interceptions in the big game. It is arguably the worst game of his short career. Playing behind an offensive line without both starting tackles, Mahomes had to run for his life most of the game. According to Next Gen Stats, Mahomes ran 497 yards before his passes in the Super Bowl. That is most of any quarterback in any game this season.

The pressure on Mahomes was constant all night long. He was pressured on 29 of his 56 dropbacks, setting a new Super Bowl record. What was worse is that most of the pressure came when the Bucs sent four or fewer defenders. Chiefs receivers also had some key drops and failed to get separation against the Bucs defenders.

As head coach Andy Reid said after the game, ”It’s a bad day to have a bad day.” Mahomes can relate to that, having a forgettable Super Bowl performance. The Chiefs failed to find the endzone, which doesn’t often happen for Mahomes and the offense. The blowout loss gives Mahomes a first in his NFL career, just not in a good way.

Patrick Mahomes suffers a negative career first

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When we talk about Mahomes as a quarterback, it is mostly about records he is setting or being the first to do something. He was the first athlete to earn a half-billion-dollar contract in sports history. There aren’t many times we acknowledge something bad Mahomes has done in his career because he’s so great. Unfortunately, he just did something for the first time in his career that isn’t good but quite impressive.

Losing 31-9 to the Bucs was the first time in  Mahomes’ career that he lost a game by double digits, per The Athletic. The last time Mahomes lost a game by more than one score was when he was in college at Texas Tech. His team lost to Iowa State 66-10 back in 2016. Despite the negative connotation of the stat, it is actually quite impressive.

Mahomes has started in over 50 games in his NFL career. Three full seasons in as a starter, and he just suffered his first double-digit loss. That shows just how great Mahomes has been in the Chiefs’ offense. Mahomes doesn’t get blown out often, with the Super Bowl being the first time in four years. The physicality the Bucs brought took its toll on Mahomes.

“They beat us pretty good, the worst I think I’ve been beaten in a long time,” Mahomes said, per ESPN.

What’s next for Mahomes after the Super Bowl loss?

The blowout defeat in the Super Bowl is a lot for Mahomes and the Chiefs to unpack. Even though they didn’t finish the job, it was a phenomenal season. The loss will sting for quite some time, but Mahomes says this defeat can’t define the team.

“We can’t let this define us. We have to continue to get better going into next year and prepare ourselves to hopefully be in this game again. We knew it wasn’t always going to be successful, and we weren’t going to be able to win 1,000 championships in a row. We knew we were going to go through times like this and adversity. I think the best thing about it is the guys we have the leadership ability to be even better next year,” said Mahomes per ESPN.

Offseason surgery could be a possibility for Mahomes. He’s been playing through a turf toe injury he suffered in the divisional round. It didn’t seem to affect his mobility, but it is a nagging ailment. The expectation is that he will have surgery on the toe. 

“Anytime you play football, you have to battle through injuries. We’ll look at it tomorrow, and we’ll make a final decision on if we’re going to have to have surgery on it or not,” said Mahomes.

It was a rough Super Bowl Sunday for Patrick Mahomes. The Bucs battered and bruised him all night. This being his first double-digit loss in the NFL throws more salt on the wound. The Chiefs and Mahomes have the entire offseason to think about this defeat, which should make the other 31 teams scared for the 2021 season.