Patrick Mahomes Just Got Disrespected by His Peers

Through his first years in the league, Patrick Mahomes has worked his way into garnering the reputation as one of the best players. The Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback has guided the franchise to tremendous success in that short span that has pushed him quickly into elite status. However, Mahomes just got slighted by his colleagues in a way that can only provide more motivation to take his up another notch.

Patrick Mahomes’ rise to stardom

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Patrick Mahomes had plenty of questions around him when he entered the NFL, but he has quickly silenced the doubters.

Mahomes has experienced incredible success in his last two seasons as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback. He has guided the franchise to two AFC Championship games and won their first Super Bowl win five decades. That has featured him reaching historic feats such as being the youngest player to win the regular-season MVP award and Super Bowl MVP honors.

The 24-year-old is the Chiefs’ driving force offensively due to his production and playmaking ability. He earned respect from his peers for being among the top players in the league, and arguably at his position. However, that wasn’t exactly reflected in the latest NFL Top 100 rankings.

Patrick Mahomes ranked 4th in NFL Top 100

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Over the last several years, the NFL Network showcases the players’ rankings for the previous season that are decided by the players’ votes.

Patrick Mahomes earned the honor of placing quite high on the list, but his ranking for the 2019 season came as a shock. It was revealed in the last episode on Wednesday night that Mahomes finished fourth behind Aaron Donald (third), Russell Wilson (second), and Lamar Jackson (first).

He’s coming off an impressive season, but the placement in the rankings likely came due to missing two games due to injury. Mahomes finished with 26 touchdowns passes to five interceptions with 4,039 passing yards and a 105.3 passer rating. He also guided the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl win in 50 years. It’s quite surprising that he didn’t move up, but those rankings may only reflect the players’ perspective for only the 2019 season.

Jackson did put for a historical MVP campaign while Wilson nearly garnered the honor behind his tremendous season. However, Mahomes has even more motivation to show that his peers slighted him yet again.

Extra motivation for 2020 season

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It didn’t take long for Patrick Mahomes to react to being placed fourth overall for the second straight years.

The reigning Super Bowl MVP took to Twitter to post a pencil and paper emoji to signify that he has that noted. Besides being ranked third overall at his position behind Jackson and Wilson, he still has ground to cover to get that top spot from his peers. The 2019 list had him behind Drew Brees, who finished second overall, despite winning the MVP award after throwing 50 touchdown passes and 5,097 passing yards.

If anything to take away from these annual rankings, it provides even more motivation for Mahomes to go after that top spot. He has already reached the mountaintop with winning a Super Bowl, but this could be the extra edge he needs to have that same drive for success to get back there. It’s a tough hill to climb as only seven teams have won back-to-back Super Bowls with the New England the last do it 15 years ago.

The fact that he’s already achieved that level of success and greatness speaks to the bright future he possesses ahead beyond the 2020 campaign. It’s a huge reason why he earned that record-breaking extension from the Chiefs this offseason. The bar is set for him to showcase why he deserves to sit in the top spot next year by his peers.