Patrick Mahomes May Soon Get His Revenge on Tom Brady in a Potential $20 Million Battle

Tom Brady just amazingly won his seventh Super Bowl. He and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers absolutely dominated the best quarterback in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes, and the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 55. It was actually Brady’s second time beating Mahomes and the Chiefs in the postseason, too, ever since Mahomes became the team’s starter in 2018.

However, Mahomes may have a chance to get his revenge sooner rather than later. In fact, it could actually take place before the 2021 NFL season even begins.

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers defeated Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl

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Many people expected Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl 55. They were the reigning champions, and Mahomes is widely considered to be the best quarterback in the NFL right now.

However, Tom Brady continues to prove that he should never be doubted. The Buccaneers got off to a fast start in the game as Brady found Rob Gronkowski for two first-half touchdowns to take a 14-3 lead. The Chiefs then made it 14-6 in the second quarter, but that was the closest they got the rest of the game. The Buccaneers then ultimately dominated in essentially all three phases to win 31-9.

The win helped Tom Brady earn his seventh Super Bowl and his fifth Super Bowl MVP. It was also the second time he has beaten Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in the postseason, which is actually a big deal when considering the fact that some people think Mahomes can actually dethrone Brady as the GOAT later on down the line. Their last postseason meeting came during the 2018 season when Brady and the New England Patriots defeated Mahomes and the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game, 37-31.

However, Mahomes could potentially get his revenge on Brady even before the start of the 2021 NFL season.

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady could play in ‘The Match’ golf tourney

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There have been some iconic athletes to play in previous versions of The Match golf exhibition. Now, reports suggest that a Super Bowl 55 rematch between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes could take place this spring in The Match.

TMZ reports that sources have said The Match is trying to get Brady and Mahomes booked for the event this spring.

“We’re told the event is still in the early planning stages,” TMZ wrote on Feb. 11, “however, everyone seems optimistic a deal can be made since it’s a fun event, it’s for charity, and Tom had fun in his previous ‘Match.'”

No, this wouldn’t have Super Bowl-level stakes, but there could potentially be a lot of money in play. Mahomes can also jump-start his 2021 revenge tour.

‘The Match’ golf exhibition has raised millions in the past

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Mahomes wouldn’t be the first young, iconic athlete to participate in The Match. This also wouldn’t be Brady’s first appearance in the event.

In May 2020, Brady and Phil Mickelson took on Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. According to ESPN, while Woods and Manning got the win over Mickelson and Brady, the exhibition raised $20 million for COVID-19 relief. The four players and WarnerMedia pledged $10 million before the match. Then, online and text donations and other pledges throughout the event raised another $10 million. There was also some epic trash talk throughout the match, too.

Additionally, Phil Mickelson and Charles Barkley then later defeated Peyton Manning and Stephen Curry in November 2020. That version of The Match also raised $5.45 million to support HBCUs and organizations that support them, according to More than 3.5 million meals also got donated to Feeding America.

Patrick Mahomes might not get a chance to exact his revenge on Tom Brady on the football field for a little while. He may be able to get him back in another sport soon, though. If this ends up happening, it could be extremely entertaining.

Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference