Patrick Mahomes Reveals How Much He Weighs and How He Gets Ready to Play

Few figures in American pro sports generate quite as much media scrutiny as star quarterbacks. Yet for all of the attention famous QBs receive, it can be hard for fans to feel like they really understand the man behind the myth. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes seems to understand this as evidenced by his undercover Q&A session with GQ Sports.

In the segment, Mahomes replied directly to questions and comments from social media feeds and internet sources. Let’s break down some of the most interesting things the QB revealed in the video.

Patrick Mahomes really does like eating steak with ketchup

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes
Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes on the field | Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In a 2018 ESPN profile, writer Seth Wickersham revealed an interesting fact about Mahomes: he loves ketchup. As in: really loves it. Growing up, he was in the habit of putting it on just about everything he ate. Friends and family, knowing about his preference, would even buy him bottles of ketchup as birthday gifts.

The article revealed that Mahomes especially loves eating ketchup with his steak. That fact later became the fodder for various commercials starring Mahomes, including commercials for the NFL and Amazon. Yet fans still grappled with whether the ketchup thing was real or just a joke.

So it wasn’t surprising that his affinity for ketchup was one of the first topics Mahomes tackled in his GQ Sports video. He quickly confirmed that, yes, his love of ketchup on steak is real. He even told a story about having eaten an expensive ribeye steak the night before, with a pile of ketchup on the side to make it even better.

Mahomes hasn’t lost any weight this offseason

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Mahomes has not lost weight, which he detailed in the video. He’s still around 225 pounds. He likes to build up to 230-232 pounds at the beginning of the offseason. But by the beginning of the season, he tries to drop pounds to hit 225. He’s on the decline right now at 228 as the season approaches.

At a later point in the video, Mahomes responds to a comment on a photo posted on his Instagram account. In the photo, Mahomes’ physique looked especially slim and sleek, leading one fan to wonder whether he had dropped 10 to 15 pounds. While Mahomes said he appreciated the compliment, he also confessed that his weight remains right around where it was during the season.

His target weight range sits right around 225 pounds. At the beginning of the offseason, he sometimes gets up to around 230 or 232 pounds, only to slim back down to 225 by the time the regular season gets underway. On the day the video was shot, Mahomes said he had weighed in at 228, and was working on shedding those last few pounds.

Mahomes’ girlfriend helps him keep in shape

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Mahomes has dated his girlfriend Brittany Matthews since 2012, when they attended high school in Whitehouse, Texas. Matthews played soccer at both the high school and college levels. These days, however, she’s built a quite successful business as a certified personal trainer. She also runs a successful online fitness program called Brittany Lynne Fitness.

With gym access restricted due to COVID-19, Mahomes resorted to a lot of at-home workouts himself. This puts him right in his girlfriend’s wheelhouse. So it wasn’t too surprising when Mahomes responded to a Tweet asking if his sweetheart “wore you out yet with those workouts?”

Mahomes replied that she had definitely “killed him” with the workouts, especially at the beginning of the lockdown. He said the number of reps in her program was “unreal,” and that he sometimes failed to make it through an entire set. He said Matthews had an advantage over him; she was used to working out at home, whereas for him it was new territory.