Patrick Mahomes Risks Losing His Record-Breaking Contract If He Did This

Patrick Mahomes has inked a record-breaking deal with the Kansas City Chiefs to keep him with the franchise for the next decade-plus. Mahomes has firmly stepped into the spot as being the highest-paid player in sports played in the United States. However, there are things in his contract that could cost him the deal entirely if he made those silly mistakes.

Patrick Mahomes signs massive extension with Chiefs

Following months of anticipation for a new extension with the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes has garnered the biggest NFL history contract.

Mahomes has worked his way to earning a 10-year extension worth up to $503 million. He has had nothing short than an impressive start to his career that has seen him earn NFL MVP award and Super Bowl MVP honors in his first two years as a starting quarterback. He has become the critical piece of the puzzle for the Chiefs, and his new deal all but cement him as the franchise’s face for many years to come.

The 24-year-old has arguably become the face of the NFL with a chance to put forth a career that could put him in the conversation as one of the greatest players in league history. In light of his new deal, some things could wind up costing him his historic contract.

What could cost Patrick Mahomes his massive deal with Chiefs

With any massive deal in any sport, it comes with guidelines that could eradicate the entire situation.

Patrick Mahomes’ record-breaking contract with the Chiefs isn’t any different as there things that could put his deal at risk. During his press conference on Tuesday, the reigning Super Bowl MVP voiced that his extension outlined that he still can’t play basketball and baseball, among other things. (H/T Fox Business)

“I still don’t think I’m allowed to play basketball. I’m sure baseball is not going to be allowed as well. I know there’s a lot of them. They have like everything from jet skiing too, I don’t know what all the things are. I read a lot of them. It’s pretty much every physical activity you could possibly do. I’ll probably be sticking with football and video games for now,” Mahomes said.

These parameters shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that these are things away from football. The Chiefs want to maximize his ability on the field, and if any of these other things put that in jeopardy because he decided to participate in them, that would cost him millions.

Mahomes knows first hand making that mistake as he caught slack last year after he was seen playing a pickup basketball game. It wasn’t long after that the Chiefs shut that down. Given the financial commitment the Chiefs have given him, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to stay away from things that could harm his contract and NFL future.

Patrick Mahomes’ future with Chiefs


Patrick Mahomes’ $450 Million Contract Makes Him Wealthier Than 7 Different Countries

It’s hard to envision that Patrick Mahomes will do anything jeopardize his NFL career, and more importantly, his contract, with anything outside of football.

The 24-year-old has a bright future ahead to carve out his legacy further as an all-time great. He has proven he can lead the Chiefs to tremendous success behind his play, and that will have to continue if he hopes to secure more Super Bowl wins to his resume. Mahomes is a game-changing talent that could quickly become the gold standard in the league, effectively replacing Tom Brady.

He has his best football ahead of him, which could see him take things to a level that has never been seen before in NFL history.