Patrick Mahomes Says His Knee Feels Stronger Than Ever

Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL today. He should hold the distinction for years to come. He gave Chiefs fans a scare last season when he missed some time with a knee injury. It turns out it wasn’t as serious as people feared. Heading toward the 2020 season, Mahomes shared about his knee and other topics as he went undercover to answer questions on social media.

Patrick Mahomes’ knee injury

In Week 7 of the 2019 campaign, Mahomes suffered the dislocated kneecap in the Chiefs’ game against the Broncos. He missed two games before returning to the field, and he didn’t miss any further time after coming back.

This offseason, there was chatter that Mahomes may need surgery to fully repair the injury. But head coach Andy Reid shut down speculation, and Mahomes never went under the knife. In February, Reid said his quarterback “looks good” and looked strong when he was out throwing with Dez Bryant around that time.

Mahomes’ knee feels stronger than ever

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Total Pro Sports brings us the video of Mahomes surreptitiously answering fan questions. One was about how his knee feels. Mahomes answered the question by saying it feels “awesome.” He expanded on this by saying he’s been working with the knee during the offseason.

With all of the work he says he’s put in for “injury prevention,” the knee has helped it to feel “stronger than it was before, as far as [his] quad and hip flexor and everything like that that holds that kneecap in place.” Due to the injury, Mahomes says he puts in so much extra work with those muscles that he feels “stronger than ever with those muscles.”

This is good news for the Chiefs, who recently made Mahomes the highest-paid player in NFL history. Mahomes also discussed his leg exercises. Among the specific exercises he mentioned were single-leg squats and single-leg raisers. He says these help to “build those muscles, build that quad” to hold the kneecap in place.

Other ways Mahomes stays in shape

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One of the questions asked if Mahomes’ girlfriend Brittany is wearing him out with the workouts she helps him with at home. His likely tongue-in-cheek answer? “100%.” He expanded on that by saying she’s been killing him with the workouts.

Mahomes said Brittany is making him do an “unreal” number of reps with resistance bands, kettlebells, and dumbbells. He admits she’s used to working out at home, but he wasn’t used to that. But, as with many things, the coronavirus pandemic forced the former NFL MVP into that situation.

Another topic addressed in the video involved differences in his workouts during the season compared to the offseason. Mahomes says, for him, it’s all about injury prevention in the season. This means he does two or three workouts a week. The QB focuses on “keeping that strength, keeping that mobility” so that he’s ready to take the field every week.

At the start of the offseason, Mahomes says he’s all about building, gaining muscles, and getting bigger to “lift a little bit heavier.” Then, as the season approaches, he transitions into workouts intended to “cut down” to prepare for playing. Mahomes seems to have his workout routine down pat. It’s paid off to the tune of a new contract.