Patrick Mahomes Can Thank Aaron Rodgers for Solidifying His Future with the Chiefs

The Green Bay Packers ventured through the offseason with plenty of uncertainty surrounding Aaron Rodgers’ future. The star quarterback sits with lingering doubt concerning his tenure in Green Bay beyond the 2021 season. It’s quickly led the Kansas City Chiefs to take note to avoid any such troubling situation arising with Patrick Mahomes.

Aaron Rodgers’ saga with the Packers

Throughout much of the offseason, the focus remained on Rodgers’ status with Green Bay.

The star quarterback stayed away from all team-related activities, creating significant doubt the 37-year-old would play another down in a Packers’ uniform. The situation didn’t garner clarity until the Packers reworked Rodgers’ contract, giving him control of his NFL future beyond the 2021 season.

As Green Bay moves forward with Rodgers, the troubling situation served as a perfect reminder for the Chiefs regarding how to handle the steady relationship with Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes can thank Aaron Rodgers for solidifying his future with the Chiefs

The troubling saga around Rodgers this offseason sat on the radar for the rest of the league.

The Chiefs were one of the teams that noted the situation, eyeing methods to avoid conflict with Mahomes down the line. Meanwhile, general manager Brett Veach quickly dismissed any chance of a similar issue playing out in Kansas City.

“I guess to use Green Bay as an example — clearly I don’t know the ins and outs of the issues there,” Veach said via Pro Football Talk. “But I find it hard to believe that what happened there could happen here.”

Mahomes may only be a few seasons into his NFL career, but the Chiefs understand what steps to take to avoid conflict. There lies a strong mutual desire to keep the former Super Bowl MVP in Kansas City for many years to come while the communication remains fluid and strong.

At the same time, the Chiefs completely comprehend Mahomes’ importance to the franchise’s long-term success.

“He’s got a great pulse of the team,” Veach said. “Smart players have an innate feel of their responsibility inside the team. He has that, and he’s been able to stay humble while becoming a global product. We would be doing a great disservice to the franchise long-term if we didn’t engage him on the important issues that affect our team. His play warrants, his impact warrants it.”

By using Rodgers’ situation as a guideline, Veach and the front office can avoid any possible hurdle. He’s the centerpiece to the future, and the organization will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

Kansas City’s future centered around Patrick Mahomes

It’s much more than the Rodgers situation that constantly reminds the Chiefs to never undervalue Mahomes.

Tom Brady’s departure from the New England Patriots came down to the lack of communication and respect. It led him to find success with another franchise that is fully committed to him as the future.

The Chiefs hold an unwavering commitment to Mahomes as the clear-cut franchise centerpiece. He’s the engine to the franchise’s success, making it an easy decision to commit to a 10-year extension worth up to $503 million. Kansas City only followed that this offseason by strengthening the offensive line around him despite reaching its second straight Super Bowl.

The two sides hold a strong mutual interest that has only improved due to the Chiefs’ continued actions. The blueprint Kansas City follows will see the franchise remain a Super Bowl contender, with Mahomes happily leading the charge.

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