Patrick Mahomes Throws Touchdowns and His Brother, Jackson, Stars on Tik Tok

Even amid a global pandemic, 2020 has been a great year for Patrick Mahomes, Jackson Mahomes, and the entire Mahomes family in general.

Patrick, the Kansas City Chiefs’ star quarterback and arguably the NFL’s best player, is fresh off winning Super Bowl MVP. Jackson, 20, is a social media star who has only seen his platform grow with his brother’s success.

Times are good for the Mahomes clan — and they’re on track to get even better with the 2020 NFL season opening.

Patrick Mahomes is among the NFL’s best players

The NFL has never seen a quarterback take over the sport the way Patrick Mahomes has in the way he did it.

Think about the best quarterbacks of the last generation. Tom Brady starred in New England once he took over midway through the 2001 season, but he didn’t put up gunslinger numbers until a bit later into his career.

Peyton Manning had the numbers as a young quarterback in Indianapolis, though it wasn’t until Tony Dungy arrived in 2002 that Manning took the next step. Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers needed a few years before they grew into future Hall of Fame talents — and in Brees’ case, he needed nearly a decade at the helm.

All four are NFL legends. Through only two seasons as a starter, Mahomes is on pace to join all of them in Canton, Ohio.

Mahomes’s stats are something out of a Madden game. The former first-round pick completed 66% of his passes through his first two seasons for 9,412 yards, 76 touchdowns, and only 18 interceptions in 31 games.

Mahomes won 24 of those 31 games, for the record. Showcasing a rocket arm and excellent awareness, Mahomes quickly took the NFL by storm starting in 2018.

Mahomes has also run for 500 yards and four touchdowns on 4.5 yards per carry in the regular season.

Although Mahomes has had his struggles in the postseason — the numbers, complete with a 13-2 TD-INT ratio, don’t tell the full tale — he channeled his inner Brady in February’s Super Bowl comeback.

Jackson Mahomes is a social media star

Patrick Mahomes isn’t the only notable member of his family.

Patrick’s father, Patrick Sr., went 42-39 with a 5.47 ERA in 11 MLB seasons. The quarterback’s younger brother Jackson, who turned 20 in May, is a social media star.

Jackson Mahomes has over 153,000 Instagram followers as of Sept. 10, 2020. On YouTube, Mahomes has over 18,000 subscribers despite only posting three videos.

Mahomes has nearly 670,000 followers on Tik Tok, a video sharing platform.

2020 has been a big year for both Patrick and Jackson Mahomes


Patrick Mahomes Actually Won’t See Anything Close to $503 Million

With everything Patrick Mahomes accomplishes on the football field, Jackson’s own profile will only grow.

That’s not to discredit Jackson’s Tik Tok videos. But it’s impossible to argue Jackson won’t benefit from his brother being reigning the Super Bowl MVP.

Earlier this year, Patrick signed a 10-year extension that will pay him up to $503 million. Recently, Mahomes also proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Matthews.

No NFL team has repeated as Super Bowl champions since the 2003 and 2004 Patriots. It might be a good time to buy high on Mahomes and the Chiefs breaking that streak.

And if the Chiefs do win another Super Bowl, fans may be treated to Jackson dancing with the Lombardi Trophy in a Tik Tok video. Assuming the app isn’t outlawed by that point, of course.

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