Patrick Mahomes’ Trainer Says the Quarterback Has the ‘Most Athletic Spine I’ve Ever Seen’

Patrick Mahomes has been the Chiefs’ starting quarterback for three seasons. During that time he’s experienced a 50-touchdown season, an MVP, a Super Bowl championship, and a second Super Bowl appearance. You don’t get this good without dedicating your life to training. The QB has had the same trainer, Bobby Stroupe, since he was in fourth grade. Stroupe explains that Mahomes’ “athletic spine” helps the quarterback throw the football as well as he does.

Who is Patrick Mahomes’ trainer Bobby Stroupe?

Bobby Stroupe is an athletic trainer and the founder of ATHLETE Performance Enhancement Center (APEC), according to his bio at SimpliFaster. As APEC’s president, he is responsible for designing training systems, making strategic decisions, and guiding the team of elite coaches that help train the athletes.

Stroupe’s team currently supports more than 100 athletes in the NFL and MLB. More than 20 have trained with its system since grade school. Mahomes is one such athlete, and Stroupe’s roster of elite talent he works with also includes Rockies shortstop Trevor Story. 

Stroupe explains Mahomes’ ‘unique physicality’

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs throws a touchdown pass
Patrick Mahomes twists his body to throw the football | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Men’s Health profiled Stroupe and discussed his relationship with Mahomes. When Stroupe started working with the Super Bowl champ who was then a fourth-grader, he already knew Mahomes had a “unique physicality” that he didn’t want to mess with. The uniqueness of Mahomes’ body is his spine. Stroupe says is “the most athletic spine [he’s] ever seen.” The QB can “twist and turn his body any which way,” which Men’s Health compares to Gumby.

The flexibility in Mahomes’ spine and upper body help him recover from sacks and increase his ability to throw passes. Mahomes’ unique mobility allows him to arch his spine to create spring in his upper body. His ability to quickly twist through his shoulders helps him make the on-the-run throws that fans know him for.

Patrick Mahomes’ dedication to training

With his knowledge of Mahomes’ body, Stroupe builds the player’s training routine with that knowledge in mind. Stroupe consistently comes up with a series of drills that challenge “total-body mobility.”

One activity is the “chunk drill,” which has an objective to lunge in one direction with your torso being twisted as violently as possible, with the goal of looking straight behind you. Most athletes can’t do that, but Mahomes is one who can. He trusts Stroupe “to continue to challenge me, continue to bring different stuff.”

An important part of the training routine is med-ball movements, which help to challenge the spine. The med-ball workout includes heaving the ball over his head and 30 yards down the turf. Mahomes then does laser-timed sprints before hitting the Keiser squat machine. The Keiser looks like a standard weight machine. Instead of weights, however, it uses pneumatic resistance that allows to go all-out more than standard weight machines or free weights.

All told, when Men’s Health visited Mahomes’ workout, he did a total of 23 exercises and through 40 passes. And his dedication leads him to work out virtually every day. On a Tuesday in early December, the Chiefs had the day off two days after clinching a playoff berth. But Mahomes didn’t take an off-day; he was in an empty gym with Stroupe, wanting his longtime trainer to run him through a training session.

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