Patrick Mahomes Voices a Special Request for His Fiance Brittany Matthews Before Super Bowl 55

Over the last year, Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes has experienced several life-changing moments. Mahomes now has an opportunity to add to the historic start to his NFL career with a second Super Bowl win. With that in mind, he has a special request for his fiance Brittany Matthews ahead of Super Bowl 55.

Patrick Mahomes announces he’s expecting his first child

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Not long after Patrick Mahomes chose to propose to his long-time girlfriend Brittany Matthews, the two made a life-changing announcement.

In October, the couple took to social media to share through a gender reveal that their first child will be a girl. Mahomes’ life has had some significant developments over the last year that began with his first Super Bowl win.

Followed shortly after with his record-breaking extension with the Chiefs, then his surprise proposal to his girlfriend. Mahomes has spoken quite candidly since the baby announcement voicing his tremendous excitement with the situation.

“For me, it’s going to be whenever I actually become a girl dad,” Mahomes recently said in an interview with ESPN. “Sorry to Brittany and the engagement ring and everything like that, but being able to see that baby girl is going to be a special moment.”

With Super Bowl 55 ahead, Mahomes voiced a special request that he hopes his fiance can fulfill.

Patrick Mahomes voices a special request for his fiance before Super Bowl 55

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Since Patrick Mahomes and his fiance Brittany Matthews made the huge personal announcement, there two have continued their preparation for the moment.

During a media session this week, Mahomes revealed that his fiance’s due date is coming up quite soon, which he has one request for his significant other directly correlated to Super Bowl 55. (H/T KMBC News)

“We have all the things planned out, and every single gadget and tool you can have to be great parents,” Mahomes said. “But at the same time, I’m trying to tell her to hold off until after the game.”

“But whenever it happens, it happens. But if we can wait to maybe a few weeks after the game, that would probably be ideal.”

The timing of childbirth is a situation that can’t be controlled, but it’s something that the two are hoping can wait until after Sunday’s game. It’s another significant moment in Mahomes’ life, in which they both don’t want the experience of his daughter’s birth to overlap with the Super Bowl.

Mahomes’ comments certainly sound like the birth of his first child could happen at any moment. Nonetheless, the couple is quite excited about the life-changing moment ahead.

Another NFL career-defining moment ahead

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The personal life-changing situation aside, Patrick Mahomes is at the doorstep of another pivotal moment in his NFL career.

Mahomes has an opportunity to capture his second Super Bowl win in only his fourth season. The 25-year-old has a stiff challenge ahead against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady is hoping to add to his decorated career by extending his NFL record to seven Super Bowl wins.

The star quarterback matchup has grabbed all the storylines and attention concerning the contest. Brady has been the gold standard for success in the league, while Mahomes hopes to reach that status one day.

Super Bowl 55 presents a golden opportunity for the latter to take another step closer toward that vaunted recognition in NFL history.