Patrick Mahomes Warns the NFL That He’s Not the Chiefs’ Only Threat

The Kansas City Chiefs had an impressive win over the Buffalo Bills on October 19. They defeated the Bills 26-17, and the Chiefs continued to show why they are the reigning Super Bowl champions. Kansas City’s rushing attack was too much for the Bills.

After the game, Patrick Mahomes had a message for other NFL teams regarding the Chiefs’ offensive game. 

The Kansas City Chiefs run game overpowered Buffalo’s defense

One area that the Chiefs have not been a big threat in is the ground attack. The Chiefs finished with 245 rushing yards against the Bills, and that was the first time they rushed for 200 or more yards this season. With Mahomes at quarterback, the Chiefs have a player that can dismantle defenses with his accuracy and his arm. The Chiefs have never been a run-first offense with Mahomes at quarterback. 

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have talented running backs. Rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire set a career-high with 161 rushing yards against the Bills. In an article from The Athletic, Edwards-Helaire talked about the importance of establishing a run game. “Everybody knows, when it comes to football, it starts up front,” Edwards-Helaire said. “The (offensive) line did their job. They made things move. They made everything easier for me. Ultimately, it’s not just me. This is a career day for the entire O-line.”

Edwards-Helaire has had an impressive rookie season. He’s rushed for 505 yards and one touchdown so far. With opponents understanding that the Chiefs are effective in the passing game, they want the Chiefs to beat them on the ground. The Bills got a taste of what the Chiefs can do on the ground, and teams need to be on high alert to figure out a way to stop the Chiefs on offense. Kansas City doesn’t have to have a game where they run for over 300 yards to be successful, but having games where they rush for over 200 yards will help the offense. 

The 2019 Chiefs team had a lot of success despite not dominating on the ground 

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl during the 2019 season, and Mahomes put together an impressive season leading the offense. He threw for 4,031 yards and 26 touchdowns, and he rushed for 218 yards with two touchdowns. The Chiefs rushed for 1,569 yards as a team in 2019 while their opponents rushed for 2,051 yards. Mahomes took the offense under his wing in 2019, and he emerged as a leader. 

Throughout the 2019 season, Mahomes made big plays in the air and with his feet. When the team needed a first down, Mahomes was the player to get that for them. His ability to move in the pocket and stay poised allowed him to find open receivers when there seemed to be no open receiver. 

Patrick Mahomes is not the only threat in the Chiefs offense


Kansas City Chiefs Running Back Clyde Edwards-Helaire Isn’t Going Anywhere, Even After the Arrival of Le’Veon Bell

After the Chiefs victory over the Bills, Mahomes had a message to the rest of the NFL. “If teams are going to play us like this, you’re going to see us running the football,” Mahomes said. “We have the guys that can do it.” During the 2020 season, defenses have forced the Chiefs to find a way to beat them other than the long ball. Now that it seems like the run game is coming together, the Chiefs have another threat on offense outside of Mahomes.

The Chiefs have multiple running backs they can turn to, including Edwards-Helaire and Darrel Williams. Not to mention the Chiefs recently acquired Le’Veon Bell, who will make the run game that much better. Opponents will have to develop a game plan to tend to the Chiefs run game and Mahomes’ throwing abilities. The Chiefs have the team to compete for another Super Bowl.