Patrick Mahomes Was Seen at a Kansas City Royals Game, Though He Wasn’t Physically There

Patrick Mahomes has had a great year in 2020. From winning a Super Bowl to securing a big-time contract, he’s feeling pretty good about himself.

Recently he became an owner of the Kansas City Royals, and during one of the Royals’ games, Mahomes was seen in the crowd.

Patrick Mahomes having so much success at a young age

Mahomes is only 24 years old and has been in the league for three years. He is a Super Bowl Champion, a Super Bowl MVP, NFL MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, and he has many other recognitions. In 2018, when Mahomes became the starting quarterback for the Chiefs, his career took off. His stats were very impressive, and he had no problem getting accustomed to the NFL game. The quarterback position is one of the toughest positions in football. There’s so much that goes through a quarterback’s mind during a game, and they don’t have much time to make decisions.

In just a short amount of time, Mahomes has proven himself to be an elite NFL quarterback. Mahomes can beat you in multiple ways. He has a very good arm and knows how to find the open receiver, and he also can use his legs when needed. Mahomes has multiple receivers who are some of the best in the game so he can pick and choose who he wants to target, and his accuracy is on point.

He’ll reach 10,000 passing yards early in his fourth season, and if he can continue to remain healthy, he can put up big numbers. Mahomes can be dominant in the NFL for a long time, and he’s already shown people what he’s capable of doing and that he’s a winner. It’ll be interesting to see if Mahomes can lead the Chiefs to multiple Super Bowl titles.

Patrick Mahomes grew up loving baseball, and now he owns an MLB team

Mahomes was drafted out of high school by the Detroit Tigers, but he decided to take the football route, and it worked out well for him. But he was very talented on the baseball diamond, and baseball is a sport that he enjoys. Instead of playing for an MLB team, he now owns an MLB team.

Recently Mahomes became part owner of the Royals, and he became the youngest owner in sports history. Baseball runs through Mahomes’ family. His father played in the league for 11 seasons as a pitcher. It’s a big accomplishment for Mahomes to have ownership of a team, and he’s not even 25 yet. His future continues to look more and more bright.

The Kansas City Royals gave a warm welcome to Patrick Mahomes during a game

Now that Mahomes is a part-owner of the Royals, he’ll likely attend a lot of games during the summer. In fact, he was at a game at the start of the season. With no fans being allowed at games, MLB stadiums have been using cut-outs of people to serve as fans.

The Royals decided to get a cut out of Mahomes and put him in the stands. It was no surprise that the Royals were excited to have Mahomes as an owner and wanted to make sure that he knows that. Mahomes continues to put himself in a position where he will be successful down the line.