Paul George and Dame Lillard Go at It on Social Media

The NBA has produced many rivalries between teams and players. Whether it’s the LA Lakers battling the Boston Celtics or Wilt Chamberlain against Bill Russell, rivalries are exciting.

One rivalry that is starting to create some tension across the league is Damian Lillard and Paul George. Both players had some choice words for each on social media.

Two of the best players in the game

Damian Lillard and Paul George have become two of the top players in the NBA. Both players have put in a lot of work during their careers, and it is paying off for them. George and Lillard have had similar careers so far. They both have made numerous All-NBA teams and have played in multiple All-Star games.

Unlike Lillard, George has played for multiple teams during his career. He started with the Indiana Pacers and helped turn the team into one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. George developed into one of the best two-way players in the league during his time in Indiana. After spending his first seven seasons with Indiana, George teamed up with Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City for two seasons and know he’s with the Clippers.

Lillard has spent his entire career in Portland and has become the face of the franchise. He immediately made an impact when he came into the league. As a rookie, he was the starting point guard for Portland and averaged 19 points, 6.5 assists, and 3.1 rebounds and was named the Rookie of the Year in 2013. After his rookie season, Lillard continued to play at a high-level for Portland. The five-time All-Star has hit many big shots during his career in Portland.

Paul George vs. Damian Lillard

George and Lillard have battled against each other many times during their career. The two have played against each other 21 times. Lillard has won 11 times, and George has won 10. Though the two don’t play the same position, there have been multiple times when the two have guarded each other during games.

When the two have played each other, Lillard has had the upper hand on points. During their 21 games, Lillard had two games where he scored 50 or more points. The last time the two played against each other was on Aug. 8, and the Clippers defeated the Trail Blazers 122-117. Lillard had 22 points, and George dropped 21 points. The two may battle against each other again in this year’s playoffs.

Paul George and Damian Lillard exchanging words on social media

After their recent game, George and Lillard went to Instagram and had some words for each other. Bleacher Report posted a photo of Lillard and his comment on the Clippers celebrating his missed free throws. “I sent [Patrick Beverly] home before…Paul George just got sent home by me last year in the playoffs,” Lillard said.

George commented on the post and said Lillard was going to get sent home this year. When George made that comment, Lillard wasted no time in responding and said that George keeps switching teams, which Lillard is not a fan of. Those comments quickly surfaced across social media, and given George and Lillard’s past, the comments were getting a lot of reaction from people. Maybe Lillard will have the chance to send George home again, or George might get the chance. That’s something the NBA world will have to wait and see.