Paul Pierce Fires a Parting Shot at ESPN: ‘Truth Gonna Bounce Back Like Never Before’

Paul Pierce quickly became the center of controversy following his recent questionable social media decision. Pierce’s actions lost him his job at ESPN, which he has taken in full stride. The former Boston Celtics great has now sent a subtle parting shot to his former employer.

Paul Pierce fired from ESPN after controversial Instagram Live

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Paul Pierce came under fire last week as he chose to take to Instagram Live to stream controversial footage.

Pierce elected to broadcast a video of himself playing poker in a room that included half-naked strippers. The stream featured him possibly smoking weed and taking alcohol shots with the women while they were dancing in an NSFW manner.

Things took an even greater unfortunate turn as one viewer commented, “Where Rachel Nichols at?” It quickly put a more significant negative light on the company that wants to avoid any such matters.

It didn’t take long for ESPN to take action a couple of days later, as they chose to immediately part ways with Pierce. Since retiring in 2017, Pierce had become a regular studio analyst in August before the 2017-18 season.

Pierce took up the role as a guest analyst for the 2016 and 2017 NBA Finals in ABC’s “NBA Countdown” coverage. His absence leaves a sizable void for ESPN’s NBA programming, but they possess several analysts consisting of players and media personalities to rotate around to fill his spot.

Paul Pierce fires a parting shot at ESPN: ‘Truth gonna bounce back like never before’

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Since Paul Pierce’s firing from ESPN, all the attention has shifted toward his response to the situation.

Pierce initially reacted with a video of him laughing at the report of his firing. The former Celtics great has also taken to social media to voice encouragement about his future ahead.

TMZ recently caught up with the 43-year-old to talk about the matter. He again chose not to air out his next move but continued to hint that something big lies ahead, possibly as early as this upcoming week.

“Stay tuned, that’s all I’m gonna say. Stay tuned, it could be coming as early as next week,” Pierce told TMZ. “Truth gonna bounce back like never before. That’s all you gotta know.”

Pierce has remained mum on his next employment opportunity, but he has garnered some interest from other industries outside of sports. One of which saw him receive a six-figure job offer from CamSoda, an adult website.

The letter read that Pierce would be their first-ever “NBA Analyst.” The job would entail live streams every weeknight to talk about the NBA. He is likely to pass on the offer as there may be another big-time media company looking to land his services.

Barstool Sports may be making a strong push

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Although Paul Pierce is currently shrouded by controversy given his recent misstep, it hasn’t pushed away interested companies.

One of which appears to be Barstool Sports, as founder Dave Portnoy voiced last week that he didn’t mind the situation. Portnoy also took to Twitter to reach out to Pierce, while the 10-time NBA All-Star has recently liked posts from Portnoy and Barstool Sports.

Much still needs to unfold with the matter, but it’s quite clear that there is some strong mutual interest. Barstool Sports has shown a history of bringing in notable figures and looking past their previous public miscues.

Pierce could certainly land with the company and continue his media career on a different path. The next several days will lay out what lies ahead next for him.