Paul Pierce Went on Instagram Live With a Room Full of Strippers and Alcohol and ESPN’s Rachel Nichols Got Dragged Into the Mess

Paul Pierce broke the internet on Friday evening after what transpired on his Instagram live account. Unfortunately, ESPN’s Rachel Nichols got dragged into the mess.

Pierce and Nichols have been partners on ESPN for a few years. They work together on The Jump and have developed a nice rapport.

However, after what Paul Pierce did on his Instagram account, things may change between him and Rachel Nichols.

Paul Pierce went on Instagram live with a room full of strippers and alcohol

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Paul Pierce works for ESPN, which is part of the Disney corporation. The one-time champion likely pissed off his bosses by going on Instagram live with a room full of half-naked strippers.

One of the best players in Boston Celtics history, Pierce was smoking (either tobacco or weed) and taking shots with the strippers for all of the world to see. He also showed the strippers dancing in an NSFW manner.

Since he technically works for Disney, Pierce could be in deep trouble for this video. The 10-time All-Star is an NBA analyst for ESPN. It’s safe to say the higher-ups at Disney don’t want the image and video of one of their employees hanging out with strippers going viral since Disney products are mostly known for children’s entertainment.

Naturally, Paul Pierce was the talk of NBA Twitter on Saturday. However, in a surprise turn of events, ESPN’s Rachel Nichols somehow got thrown into the Pierce drama.

Why is Rachel Nichols trending on Twitter?

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Paul Pierce and Rachel Nichols work together on ESPN’s The Jump. During Pierce’s NSFW Instagram live video, someone in the comments asked, “Where Rachel Nichols at?”

Nichols is now trending on NBA Twitter with Pierce. It’s unfortunate because she has nothing to do with this situation and was mentioned in the video’s comments.

It will be interesting to see if ESPN fires Pierce or disciplines him for the video. Had the former NBA star not recorded the video and just enjoyed his night in privacy, Pierce wouldn’t be the talk of the sports world.

Paul Pierce and Rachel Nichols are both married with kids. They work well together on ESPN, but it’s unclear if things will remain the same moving forward.

Paul Pierce is a polarizing figure now, but he was a terrific NBA player

Ever since he retired from the NBA, Paul Pierce has become a polarizing figure since his takes on ESPN are always outlandish. However, his controversial statements and actions shouldn’t make us forget how special he was in the NBA.

Pierce averaged 21.8 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 3.9 assists during his stellar career with the Celtics. He won the 2008 championship and Finals MVP over his hometown LA Lakers.

Overall, Pierce averaged 19.7 points with the Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Washington Wizards, and LA Clippers. He was named a Hall of Fame finalist last month.

The Paul Pierce-Rachel Nichols situation is one to keep an eye on. Even though Pierce isn’t at fault for one of his followers commenting Nichols’ name, it still wasn’t a smart move for him to live-stream his wild night.

Stats courtesy of Basketball Reference.