Paulo Costa Wants Revenge on Israel Adesanya After Getting Embarrassed

Few things hurt more than losing in a combat sport. While basketball players, baseball players, football players, and stars of other athletes often get just a day or two to dwell on any non-postseason loss, fighters have to linger for weeks, months, or even longer. 

Paulo Costa lost to Israel Adesanya at UFC 253 in late September, but he wants a chance at redemption as quickly as possible He recently challenged Adesanya to a rematch. Will the reigning Middleweight Champion oblige him? 

Paulo Costa suffered a brutal loss at UFC 253

Adesanya vs. Costa at UFC 253 had all the makings of a classic fight, according to CBS Sports. For weeks leading up to the heavily-anticipated bout, the parters exchanged verbal blows through the press and at the lead-up to the event. However, once the fight started, it proved to be a disappointing loss for Costa. 

Adesanya played it patiently at first, giving Costa room to hit while landing kicks on Costa’s legs. However, after weakening Costa’s leg, Adesanya went to another level and landed several punches in the second round.

Costa was utterly helpless, and the referee called the fight at the four-minute mark. Fresh off his defeat of Costa and a sexually explicit celebration at his fallen opponent’s expense, Adesanya did not mince words after the fight.

“I still don’t like him. I don’t know him personally, I don’t wish he dies or anything, he’s alive, I let him be alive,” Adesanya said (per CBS Sports).

With all of this on his mind, however, Costa isn’t ready to let go. 

Paulo Costa wants revenge 

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Costa didn’t appreciate his opponent’s words and actions following the “humping” incident, as fans liked to call it. Implying that Adesanya went above and beyond acceptable trash talk, Costa let his intentions be known, according to TMZ

“Adesanya is human trash,” Costa says in the video (per TMZ).

“This has become a grave situation. I disapprove 100%… To me, this is mortal now. Nobody can stop me… I want my rematch and you know I will wait for you… I’m not [making an] excuse here to my people, to my fans. but I will be 100% to fight him and to make him pay. That’s my words. Save my words.”

However, in Adesanya’s eyes, he likely saw Costa as such an easy win that he would not bother stepping into the octagon to oblige him. As much as Costa wants that rematch, he might need to reprove himself before doing so. 

Will the Brazilian ever get his revenge?

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Very few fighters in the UFC retire undefeated, and Costa’s loss to Adesanya was the first in his professional career. That doesn’t make it sting any less, however.

While he is, inarguably, one of the greatest middleweight fighters in the world, Adesanya won decisively. That’s not to say that Costa’s chance at a rematch is impossible. It might require hard work and patience. 

The UFC is a finicky corporation in more ways than one. A fighter who loses their first round can be forgotten in an instant if they don’t fight back to the top immediately. However, if Costa can get a few wins, Adesanya might think about a rematch in the future, but as of right now, he has all of the leverage. If Costa wants to exact revenge on his rival, he’s going to have to prove his worth again. 

If history shows us anything, he could do just that. However, when it comes to his revenge plot, he has to think ahead and work from there.