Pete Carroll’s Frustration Boils Over as He Storms Out of Seahawks’ Postgame Press Conference: ‘I’m Done’

Changes are coming within the Seattle Seahawks organization. After yet another embarrassing loss, this is a 3-7 football team. The problems start at the top, and Pete Carroll is losing his cool. The longtime Seahawks head coach let his frustrations boil over into the postgame press conference, and it could signal the end of an era in Seattle.

The disappointing Seahawks hold a 3-7 record

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll looks on against the Cardinals
Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks reacts during game against the Arizona Cardinals | Abbie Parr/Getty Images

After finishing with a 12-4 record in 2020, the Seattle Seahawks entered the 2021 NFL season with high expectations.

After Russell Wilson and the team stayed pat, this team was supposed to be in the mix for another NFC West title. However, things haven’t gone according to plan from the jump.

Seattle is sitting in last place in the division with an abysmal 3-7 record. Not many saw that coming. The team’s latest disappointing loss came in Week 11 at the hands of a shorthanded Arizona Cardinals team.

The Cardinals were playing without Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins for a third straight game, but it didn’t matter. The Seahawks still couldn’t get the job done, falling 23-13 in another lackluster performance.

Wilson’s return to the field hasn’t done anything but make the situation look more pathetic.

It’s getting ugly in Seattle. The faithful fans deserve better than the product this team has put on the field for most of 2021.

Pete Carroll stormed out of postgame presser

Wide receiver DK Metcalf let his emotions get the best of him in the shutout loss to the Green Bay Packers in Week 10. He got in a fight, leading to his ejection. Then he got snippy with reporters after the game.

After the embarrassing loss to the Cardinals, head coach Pete Carroll took a page out of his star player’s book.

Carroll took the podium for his postgame press conference, and it didn’t go well.

The Seahawks head man kicked the presser off in a shocking fashion. “I don’t have a lot to tell you,” he said. “Why don’t you just ask your questions? Go.”

It’s natural to be upset after a loss, but the tone seemed to lack unprofessionalism from the get-go.

After a series of short responses that danced around questions, Carroll had enough. He abruptly walked away from the podium and exited the room after saying, “I’m done.”

Carroll later returned for more questions, but it wasn’t a good look at all. The head coach said he had “a few extra minutes.”

One reporter asked him why he decided to come back into the room. “I did it out of respect to you guys,” he said. “I know you got a job to do, and I don’t want to make it hard on you.”

Seattle’s struggles could mark the end of an era


DK Metcalf’s Post-Temper Tantrum Comments Could Signal the End of the Russell Wilson Era for the Seahawks: ‘I Got Into a Fight, Tired of Losing’

Pete Carroll has been leading the Seattle Seahawks since the 2010 season, but his postgame actions weren’t those of a leader. Losing is frustrating, for sure, but the behavior could rub off on the rest of the team.

Carroll’s not used to his Seahawks losing. The team is on track to record its third losing season since the former USC coach has been at the helm.

Despite several winning seasons and a Super Bowl victory, the longtime head coach must be on the hot seat. Sometimes, a good thing just runs its course. That appears to be the case more after every loss the Seahawks take.

While Carroll’s future is uncertain, the bigger story is Russell Wilson. The 2012 third-rounder has been the on-field leader for Seattle since entering the NFL. He and his camp tested the waters after the 2020 season, but now there’s a real possibility that he plays elsewhere in 2022.

Frustration is mounting for everyone in the Seahawks locker room. They can’t seem to figure out the problem, but it’s clear the organization is heading in the wrong direction.

The poor performance, coupled with the past few weeks’ events, should be a telling sign that it’s time to start the rebuild.

The Seahawks are in flux, and this could be the disappointing end of an era.

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