Peyton Manning: The Greatest NFL Passer of All Time

We can argue all day about who is the greatest NFL player of all time and most would agree, it’s Tom Brady.

But who is the greatest passer of all time? Well, that’s a different story because there are so many great NFL quarterbacks to choose from. 

Peyton Manning, however, is in a league all to himself, and here’s why.

Peyton Manning was the first quarterback to break most of Dan Marino’s passing records

Before Manning came along, Dan Marino held most of the NFL passing records.

By the time Manning ended his career, he owned most of the Hall of Famer’s records including most passing yards in a season and most touchdowns thrown in a season.

Manning had his best year in 2013 when he threw for over 5,000 yards and threw 55 touchdowns that year too according to Pro Football Reference. Those passing records still stand today.

All of this occurred after he had several surgeries on his neck. He also tied a single-season record for the number of touchdown passes in a game, which was seven against the Baltimore Ravens to open the 2013 NFL season.

Broncos fans knew then it was going to be a special season for “the Sheriff.”

Manning’s comeback wins were epic

Another record that Manning holds is the number of comeback wins in a career; he has 43. Some of those comebacks were the most memorable in NFL history.

His comeback on a Monday night in 2003 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was legendary and made the NFL’s top 100 list of greatest comebacks of all time. The Indianapolis Colts were down by 21 points in the fourth quarter with less than five minutes to go, and Manning carved up the Bucs secondary to tie the game and drove the Colts nearly 80 yards for the game-winning field goal in overtime.

But Manning’s masterpiece might have been in the 2006 AFC Championship game against the arch-rival New England Patriots. 

Manning once again found himself down by 21 points  A comeback here seemed highly unlikely, but as the Patriots found out, you never turn your back on Manning.

He orchestrated a fourth-quarter comeback for the ages and with a minute to go in the game, the Colts took the lead and would go on to the Super Bowl where they would defeat the Chicago Bears.

Peyton Manning has 2 Super Bowl rings

Peyton Manning holds the Lombardi Trophy to celebrate the Denver Broncos in win Super Bowl 50 win over the Carolina Panthers | Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Neither Marino nor San Diego Chargers great Dan Fouts, two of the greatest passers of all time, won a Super Bowl. Manning has two Super Bowl rings as a Colt and with the Broncos.

He also made four Super Bowl appearances. This may be why he is considered the best NFL passer of all time. He not only broke records, but he also has the rings to prove his greatness.

And while other great quarterbacks will come along, there is no one like Peyton Manning.

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