Peyton Manning Might Hold the Answers to the Colts’ Quarterback Problem

The quarterback position will be the most-watched position in the NFL offseason. There is the possibility of numerous teams changing quarterbacks, which can change the landscape of the league. The Indianapolis Colts are one of the teams that will have a different quarterback under center in 2021. They just have to find one first.

The Colts have expressed their interest in getting a quarterback with a veteran vision. There are options out there that fill this need. Head coach Frank Reich and the team are seeking out advice from a former Indy legend on who they should look at in their quarterback search.

The Indianapolis Colts have a question mark at quarterback

The Colts should’ve seen this situation coming, as they have a big question mark at the quarterback position. The team signed Philip Rivers to a one-year deal last offseason, and he played well in 2020. Reich welcomed the idea of Rivers coming back in 2021. However, Rivers decided to retire from the NFL after 17 seasons.

“After Philip retired, I started going, ‘OK, here’s all the quarterbacks who could be out there,’” Reich said per the IndyStar.

Looking at the quarterback market, there are a plethora of options the Colts can explore. One potential avenue to getting their next quarterback is drafting one. Indy has the No. 21 overall pick in the draft. There are some talented prospects they could pick up and groom into their quarterback of the future. However, that doesn’t fit their desire having a veteran vision at quarterback.

They could also assess the free agent and trade markets. Many teams could be looking to offload their quarterbacks, some of them being very talented. The Colts missed out on the Matthew Stafford sweepstakes, as he was traded to the Rams. Before all of the better options aren’t there, the Colts need to make a move. This is why they reached to another Colt legend for help. 

Frank Reich is asking Peyton Manning for advice on the Colts QB search

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Frank Reich has proven himself to be one of the better offensive minds in the NFL. So when Rivers entered retirement, Reich knew he had to get to work on analyzing the team’s options at quarterback. He thought it’d be beneficial for him to reach out to his longtime friend and Colts legend Peyton Manning for his opinion on potential quarterbacks Indy could get.

“As we’re talking about who’s going to be our starting quarterback next year, yeah, I called Peyton and asked him his opinion on some of the guys…when you hear from Peyton, it obviously carries a ton of weight. It carries a ton of weight,” Reich said.

Peyton Manning and Reich’s relationship date back to Manning’s playing days as a Colt. Reich was the team’s offensive quality control coach in 2008, where he met Manning. Their relationship grew as Reich elevated in the ranks, becoming the quarterbacks coach in 2009 and the wide receivers coach in 2011. The Colts and Reich sought Manning’s advice on other football matters also.

“Peyton’s great,” Reich said. “When he has a really strong opinion, you know it’s strong. And if he didn’t know a guy as well, he’ll tell you, ‘Hey, I haven’t seen as much of that guy.’ Peyton’s percentage [of input] is going to be higher because of who he is,” said Reich.

Could Peyton Manning have a future in NFL front offices?

Peyton Manning has been out of the NFL for five years now. He’s been active though, being in numerous commercials and hosting his own show on ESPN. His name has also been thrown around in broadcasting rumors, as ESPN has wanted him for Monday Night Football. There have been mumblings of Manning potentially entering the football world again, just in a front office capacity. 

Manning stays on top of all things football, despite him being retired from the game. The famous Manning Passing Academy allows him to see many of the league’s next generation of quarterbacks. This is why his opinion carries so much weight. Teams like the Browns and Jets asked for his professional opinion in the past. Reich believes that if Manning wanted a role in NFL front offices or the broadcast booth, he’d be great at both.

I’ll say this: If he gets into it, he’ll be good at it. Whatever he gets into, he’ll be good. If he wants to get into broadcasting, he’ll be good at that. If he wants to get into business, he’ll be good at that…if he does anything related to football, he’s going to be great. In whatever role he would want to pick, he’s going to be great at that role,” Reich said.

Asking one of the greatest minds in football like Peyton Manning for assistance in their quarterback search is a smart move by the Indianapolis Colts. If he provides the proper advice, he could have a future in NFL front offices soon.