Peyton Manning Could Be the Secret Behind Adam Gase’s Coaching Career

When it comes to mastering the offensive playbook and schemes, there is no quarterback better than Peyton Manning. It is often thought that he was the one in control of the offense during his playing days. The coaches had input, but The Sheriff was the one who had the last word on all things offense.

Working with Manning should help coaches prepare for when they become head coaches. He is like a head coach on the field, always full of knowledge and information about his offense’s schemes, audibles, and checks. Peyton Manning’s offensive genius was so great, he taught one of his coordinators the offense, catapulting his coaching career.

Peyton Manning’s time as a Denver Bronco

Many will remember Peyton Manning as an Indianapolis Colt. He spent 14 seasons with the team, winning one Super Bowl. However, Manning also played for the Denver Broncos the last four years of his career. Despite his fourth and final campaign in Denver being rough, No. 18 dominated his first three seasons with the Broncos.

Manning’s best season as a Bronco came in 2013. He threw for 5,477 yards, 55 touchdowns (an NFL single-season record), and 10 interceptions. His phenomenal year helped him secure his fifth MVP award.

The Broncos’ offense was a juggernaut that season, with Manning leading the charge. However, the praise of Denver’s dominant offense went to their offensive coordinator at the time. 

Adam Gase was the offensive coordinator for the Broncos from 2013-2014. His work with Manning is what made him such a hot name in the coaching ranks.

Gase’s work with Manning and Denver’s offense helped him land a job with the Bears in 2015, Dolphins in 2017, and Jets in 2019. That shows how much weight Manning carries in the NFL.

Manning even endorsed Gase for the Jets job, further signaling that he is an offensive guru. Giving him praise and applause for his work with Peyton Manning might’ve been premature. It turns out that he might’ve been more of the student instead of the teacher when it came to the Broncos’ offense. 

Peyton Manning taught Adam Gase Denver’s offense

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It has been believed for a while that Adam Gase and his offensive brilliance spearheaded Denver’s offense. According to a former Broncos player, that isn’t the case.

It was Peyton Manning who taught Gase the team’s offense, according to ex-Broncos cornerback Chris Harris. Harris made the comments on Twitter while discussing strategic players.

“Bruh [Manning] taught Gase the offense lol Peyton was different,” Harris tweeted out. There was a shrugging emoji included in the Tweet, which gives the impression that everyone should’ve expected the answer he gave.

Looking deeper into the numbers and Manning’s time in Denver, Harris might have a point. Manning, in all likelihood, did teach Gase the team’s offense.

Gase didn’t become the offensive coordinator in Denver until 2013. He was still on the team as the wide receiver’s coach before that but wasn’t the one in charge of the offense. In Manning’s first year in Denver, Mike McCoy was the offensive coordinator.

That season, Manning threw 4,659 yards, 37 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. The Broncos’ offense was ranked in the top five that year also. It makes more sense that Gase was taught the offense by Manning when he became the OC.

With Gase being spoonfed the offensive gameplan by Manning, he was able to land two head coaching jobs. Whatever he learned from the future Hall of Famer didn’t come to fruition while with the New York Jets or Miami Dolphins.

Adam Gase hasn’t fared well post-Manning

Even though Adam Gase was taught the Broncos’ offense, he still benefitted from their success. He was able to land two different coaching jobs because of his affiliation with Manning and Denver’s offense. The Dolphins and Jets were excited to see what Gase could cook up with their teams. 

Unfortunately, neither New York nor Miami had potent offenses under Gase. Both offensive units were pretty bad under him, ranking in the bottom half of the NFL under his leadership.

Gase’s offenses never ranked higher than No. 17 in scoring. The ineptitude offensively from his teams was initially a shock given what many thought was his solid track record working with Manning.

His time with the Jets is where Gase hit rock bottom offensively. He went 9-23 in two seasons, ranking as the worst offense in that period, per JetsWire.

Once star running back Le’Veon Bell became a mediocre back under Gase. He’s made Sam Darnold regress so much his future with the team is in doubt. Things haven’t fared well for Gase post-Manning, but that shouldn’t be a surprise since Manning was the key behind his success.

Peyton Manning is such a football genius; he was able to teach Adam Gase the entire Broncos offense. Given how Gase fared in his stops after Denver, he would love to have Peyton back as his signal-caller.

While Gase is looking for another job, he might want to contact Manning to get some refresher courses on NFL offenses.