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Phil Mickelson is a very, very rich man, and he has no problem flaunting it either. Lefty has won over $94 million in prize money throughout his PGA Tour career, which has helped him build up a massive $300 million net worth.

Back in 2018, after Mickelson banked a cool $9 million from winning The Match against Tiger Woods, he flexed his $300 million net worth on a disgruntled country music star who was disappointed with the quality of play for the $29.99 pay-per-view price.

Phil Mickelson won $9 million by beating Tiger Woods in The Match

Phil Mickelson had the perfect response to country music star Jake Owen complaining about losing $29.99 and four hours of his life.
Country music star Jake Owen and PGA Tour pro Phil Mickelson talk during The American Express™ Charity Challenge | Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Mickelson has always had a friendly rivalry with fellow PGA Tour legend Tiger Woods throughout the years. The two have battled countless times down the backstretch of major championships, and they decided to take their rivalry to the next level a few years ago.

In 2018, the two Hall of Famers came together for The Match: Tiger vs. Phil. Mickelson and Woods battled in a pay-per-view match play event at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nev., with the winner taking home a whopping $9 million.

The Match cost $29.99 for paying viewers, and many believed the two golfers didn’t play up to the hefty price. Both Mickelson and Woods struggled to find birdies all day. Lefty eventually triumphed on the fourth playoff hole to beat his rival and take home the $9 million prize.

He had to hear about it from a country music star the next day.

Jake Owen wasn’t happy with Mickelson’s performance in The Match

The day after The Match just happened to be Jordan Spieth’s wedding in Dallas, Texas. Mickelson caught a flight from Shadow Creek to make it to his PGA Tour buddy’s big day, and he was rightly grilled by country music star Jake Owen about his performance the day before.

Owen joined Barstool Sports’ Fore Play podcast to tell the story of his liquored-up, NSFW conversation with Mickelson.

“I had a few cocktails, and I saw him across the room and I was like, ‘I gotta go tell this guy what I think.’ So I walked over to him. I was like, ‘Hey Phil, you owe me f*cking $29.99!” Owen said. “I was like, ‘For wasting four hours of my life with the sh*ttiest golf I’ve ever seen. You guys hype this whole thing up about the big match? You guys couldn’t even make three birdies between the two of you? I want my $29.99 and apologize to me for some sh*tty golf.’”

As you could probably guess, Owen never got that apology.

Mickelson flexed his $300 million net worth on Owen

You would think Mickelson would’ve been caught off guard by the confrontation, but he played it as cool as humanly possible. His response to the disgruntled country music singer will forever live in infamy.

“He pulls out a wad out of his thing and he grabs $100 like a $100 bill,” Owen said. “And he’s like, ‘Yeah I won 90,000 of these yesterday.’ He goes, ‘Take a 100 and go f*ck yourself!’”

“True story,” Mickelson later confirmed on Twitter with a smiling emoji. The two have played golf together before, so the encounter was probably all in good fun.

Still, well played, Phil.