Phil Simms Reveals How Tom Brady Could Play Five More Years

Throughout much of the 2019 season, the bulk of the attention around the New England Patriots has been on Tom Brady‘s long-term future with the franchise and the NFL. Brady is in his 20th campaign, which has put forth stronger chatter around what he plans to do after the season as retirement talk has been at it’s most prominent over the last few years. With that in mind, former New York Giants great Phil Simms has weighed in on Brady’s future in the NFL.

Tom Brady’s continued longevity

Following earning his sixth Super Bowl win, Brady entered the 2019 campaign with plenty of motivation to get back to the mountaintop. However, it has been a campaign full of struggles despite them earning their 11th straight AFC East division title.

There have been some notable struggles on the offensive side of the ball over the last several weeks, but Brady has maintained some consistent play under center. The 42-year-old is currently sixth in the league with 3,836 passing yards along with tied for 12th with 22 touchdown passes through 15 games played.

These numbers are down from the usual expected level from Brady over the years. Still, his play has provided the team with much-needed production to help push them forward towards competing for a first-round playoff bye. There are other factors in play with New England that have impacted his performance, such as the lack of significant depth at wide receiver or weapons in the passing game and struggles running the ball. At the same time, it has helped that they possess one of the top defenses in the league.

Nonetheless, the Patriots are in the position to contend for the Super Bowl.

Phil Simms weighs in on Tom Brady’s NFL future

There have been many to weigh in on Brady’s future in the NFL beyond the 2019 campaign.

The latest to give their two cents on the matter is former New York Giants great Phil Simms as he voiced that he believes the Patriots star quarterback could play at least five more years if he wanted to do so. That would put Brady well past his benchmark at age 45.

At that same token, Simms’ belief lies in the premise that the team will lessen the workload for Brady to have to carry the offense. That would need the Patriots to add more weapons to the passing game while improving their rushing attack behind him. Most importantly, New England would also need to invest better in the protection upfront on the offensive line.

Simms also stated that he believes that the future Hall of Famer will also re-sign with the Patriots next offseason, which is something that is up in the air. Brady’s current contract situation puts forth a deal where he could opt-out, but at the same time, could pick up the remainder of his deal that runs through the 2020 season.

More than anything else, Simms’ comments, like many others, suggest that the extent to which he continues his NFL career is on his shoulders to decide how much longer he wants to play.

How much longer will Tom Brady play?

Brady has made it clear over the last several years that he hopes to play until age 45, but there has been some recent doubt cropping up about him reaching that timeline.

There have been times where he has voiced some level of uncertainty about when he will step away, but it’s quite evident that he still has a tremendous passion for the game. What could factor into the equation could be how the playoffs unfold for the Patriots, but that likely won’t be the driving factor in what he decides to do with his NFL career.

Be it with the Patriots or another team, Brady will have the opportunity to continue his NFL career for at least another year. All of that comes down to whether he wants to keep it chugging along to add another chapter to his illustrious career or finally step away.