Philadelphia Eagles Defender Foolishly Rips NFL Referees Instead of Taking Accountability for His Own Mistake: ‘Worst Call I’ve Ever Been a Part Of’

The Philadelphia Eagles are hot off a pretty ugly Week 2 loss against the San Francisco 49ers.

Despite their dominant showing against the Atlanta Falcons to kick off the 2021 NFL season, this year’s new-look Eagles squad had a brutal showing in Week 2. Jalen Hurts barely completed 50% of his passes, first-year head coach Nick Sirianni called a miserable game, and the defense failed to get stops when they mattered most.

The Philadelphia Eagles lacked discipline against SF

Another concerning element to the Eagles’ Week 2 loss came with the number of penalties committed. Philadelphia committed eight penalties compared to the 49ers’ six, giving up a free 57 yards in the process. The Eagles also allowed a San Francisco first down with four of said penalties.

One of the biggest penalties came during the fourth quarter. Second-year defensive back K’Von Wallace needlessly lowered his head and delivered a cheap helmet-to-helmet shot on 49ers running back Trey Sermon.

Sermon fumbled due to the illegal hit. However, the turnover was called back due to Wallace’s unnecessary roughness. The 49ers remained in possession of the football and ultimately kicked a crucial field goal.

Ultimately speaking, this was a bone-headed decision from Wallace. The NFL has made it loud and clear that leading with the helmet is an automatic flag. Not only did this penalty net the 49ers an extra three points, but it also took the wind out of the sails for the rest of the Eagles’ defense.

K’Von Wallace blames the refs for the penalty

Such a costly penalty from a young player is the perfect time for a learning experience. However, Wallace appears to have no desire to take accountability for his play.

According to his personal Instagram account, Wallace believes the refs made a bad call.

“Worst call I’ve ever been a part of can’t believe. Literally in disbelief,” he said.

Wallace is understandably upset — his penalty essentially clinched a win for the Niners. However, taking his frustration out on the referees makes zero sense. It was definitely a penalty, and the refs rightfully enforced it. Leading with the helmet can cause serious head/neck injuries to both players involved.

The Eagles’ young coaching staff needs to be aware of this mini-rant from Wallace and explain to him the importance of taking accountability for one’s actions. As previously stated, the Eagles struggled with penalties all afternoon long against San Francisco. This is by no means an isolated incident.

The Philadelphia Eagles need to clean up their mistakes moving forward

Philadelphia Eagles S K'Von Wallace committing a penalty against the 49ers.
K’Von Wallace | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

2021 is a rebuilding year for the Eagles. However, that doesn’t make it acceptable to play careless football. In addition to the excess of penalties committed during Week 2, both the offense and defense played sloppily.

Hurts chucked a few passes into double coverage. Blocks were missed on the offensive line. The secondary blew coverages.

Even if the Eagles’ ultimate goal in 2021 is to compete for a high draft pick again, you’d like to see a sense of development and growth take place each Sunday.

You absolutely don’t want to see young players blaming the referees for their own personal shortcomings. That does not build a winning culture in the slightest.

All stats courtesy of ESPN.

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